Wireless Mobile Utility: Access Nikon DSLR using Mobile

Nikon is one of the best digital camera manufacturers out there, which has been producing a great camera and lenses since ages. No matter whether you want a DSLR and lens for sports photography or wedding – Nikon can provide anything according to your requirements. There is always a rivalry between Canon and Nikon since a long time now. Many professionals recommend Nikon camera for very sharp image and Canon for better video quality. However, the photographer should opt for a brand according to budget and requirements. However, if you are using a Nikon camera and want to access Nikon DSLR using mobile, you can certainly do so without any other third party device.

Except for few entry level DSLR cameras, you can find Wi-Fi in almost all the Nikon DSLRs. From Nikon D5300, you can find the Wi-Fi built-in. For your information, if you are using an older version or early series, you can use the Wi-Fi device that comes with Nikon DSLR.

There are many times when we want to capture shake-free images. Although, the VR lens can help you should use a tripod to get blur-free pictures when you are using higher shutter speed. For example, when you are capturing pictures in a little light area, you may use the higher shutter speed to let the camera gather more light for better photography. However, let’s assume that you do not have a tripod that helps users to fix the camera somewhere, which is probably the first thing that you need to do.

In case, you do not have a tripod, but you want to use a higher shutter speed, you may use this tool on your Android or iOS mobile to get the problem fixed. However, you must have to place your camera somewhere and let it be as it is. Wireless Mobile Utility: Access Nikon DSLR using Mobile

Wireless Mobile Utility: Access Nikon DSLR using Mobile

Wireless Mobile Utility (for iOS) or WirelessMobileUtility (for Android) is such an app that will assist you to access Nikon DSLR using mobile. Although, you cannot manage all the things of your camera, you can certainly capture photographs and move images from the camera to mobile without using any third party device or wire. Unfortunately, this particular app is not available for Windows Phone. However, if you have Android mobile, make sure it is running Android 4.0 or later version. On the other hand, if you are using an iOS device, make sure it is running iOS 6.0 or later version. For your information, this app is tested with Nikon DSLR only.

Talking about the user interface, Wireless Mobile Utility has a very smooth, neat and clean user interface that may help you to get a better environment. You would not find any difficulty to find any option since it comes with fewer options and all of them are well categorized.

Regarding features, Wireless Mobile Utility has quite a few functions, and some of them mentioned below.

  • Live view: It will let you get the live view through your camera. That means, you can see everything, what your camera if getting through the lens.
  • Capture images: Not only just viewing but also it is possible to capture images from your mobile. However, you need to set the focus point or object using your camera.
  • Download images: In other words, you can transfer images from camera to mobile.
  • Automatic image download: This is for new pictures. Whenever you capture a new image, it will be saved in your camera roll.
  • Self-timer: This is possible to set timer and capture images accordingly.

How to configure Wireless Mobile Utility and use it?

This is very easy to use Wireless Mobile Utility on iOS and Android mobile. However, like mentioned before, you must have Wi-Fi support. If your camera has such, do follow the following steps.

Download the Wireless Mobile Utility app on Android or iOS. Therefore, these steps would help you to set it up.

Step 1: At first, you need to turn on Wi-Fi on your camera. Press the Menu button > go to SETUP MENU > scroll down to find out Wi-Fi and turn it ON.

Wireless Mobile Utility: Access Nikon DSLR using Mobile

Step 2: Connect your mobile to the camera. To do so, turn on Wi-Fi on mobile and connect to the Nikon camera network. In case, you have set up a password; you need to enter that to get connected.

Step 3: Now, you should get a screen something like this,

Wireless Mobile Utility: Access Nikon DSLR using Mobile

Make sure the Wi-Fi icon looks like exactly same as the picture.

Now you can do whatever you want. If you want to take pictures, go for the first option called Take photos. Otherwise, if you want to check existing images, select the View photos.

While capturing images, you can find a red and green square on your screen. If you are getting red square, that means the focal point is not locked, and the green square indicates that the focal point is locked. According to the below image, 1/20 defines the shutter speed and F5.6 means the F-Stop or aperture.

Wireless Mobile Utility: Access Nikon DSLR using Mobile

Caution: There is no such harmful effect of using this app on your mobile. However, the more you use Wi-Fi on your camera, the less battery backup you get.

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