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Since the advent of Internet, people from different parts of the globe became closer. Everybody started using it, and made it a major part of their lives. Today, web browsing is one of the prime activities that people do on their computers and mobile phones. As the technology started progressing,everybody started discovering new possibilities with Internet. One of which is using Internet as a platform for growing businesses and showcasing their talent to the world. Every activity we do, every transaction we make is available online nowadays. This made our life easier and saving lot of time for us.

If you want to make the world know who you are or if you want to let people know your talent a website is a must. With your website, you can engage customers or followers thereby you can make your mark. But, building a website is not easy as it sounds. You need to have some technical knowledge on website programming languages, web architecture and back end software. But you neither have any knowledge on how a website works nor have time to learn it. What to do now?

Meet free website builder Wix.com. It is a web service that builds a website for you.


Why Wix?

Good question. There are other website building tools out there in the market to build a website. Why wix? the answer is simple, because of it’s usability and features. Let’s compare wix with famous blogging platforms out there: blogger and wordpress.


Even though there are some limitations in Wix such as less storage limit and unable to change template, there are some unique features that wix offers which make it a best web hosting platform.

Wix is best option for you mainly because of:

  • You can create a website depending on your needs. It has various categories to chose from such as Business, Online Store, Photography, Music, Design, Restaurant, Accommodation, Events, Portfolio& CV and others. Every category will have sub categories that you can chose and start creating a website. More power to you.
  • It is a completely graphical Interface where you can build a website with easy drag and drop even if you don’t know any web technologies
  • You can create a website for free. If you want , you can upgrade to premium plans with various benefits by Wix.
  • It has equipped with some Free beautiful HTML5 web templates to chose from.

Let’s take a look at how Wix works.

How to use Wix to create a Website

Signing Up and Creating a Website:

Creating a website with Wix is really easy. Go to Wix website and sign up for new account. After confirming your email account, you can start building a website. The good thing about wix is its premium HTML5 templates and different site categories. After signing in , Wix asks you what kind of website you want to build by displaying various categories with sub categories. Pick a category depending on your need. After that, Wix will show you some beautiful templates to chose from depending on the category you selected. You can view a theme or edit it if you want to. Once of the nice feature here is wix displays some info regarding that theme such as description of the theme and what it is good for. Be careful while choosing a template for your site, as you will not be able to change it in the future.


User’s Dashboard

After you got signed up into wix, You will get your own personal dashboard with lot of options. On the left side of the dash board, you will get items for navigating different sections to effectively manage your site.

Top menu bar will contain options to create a new site, Viewing created sites, Templates, Exploring features such as App Market and existing designs, Subscriptions to upgrade to and Wix Support.


This gives overview of the site. You can get news updates from Wix, some shortcuts such as Editing, viewing site, connecting domain, Viewing My apps, sending newsletter, Adding contributors etc.

Popular Shortcuts

This would give you access to jump to a particular task without navigating all around. Shortcuts will be divided into two categories such as Site Shortcuts and Account Shortcuts. Site Shortcuts contain shortcuts to manage your site such as Editing, Viewing, Connecting Domain, Managing Apps, viewing contributors, adding contacts, duplicating, renaming and transferring existing site etc.

Account shortcuts contain Shortcuts for Premium Plans, Mailboxes, Vouches, Billing and payments, support and Account settings.

Site settings
These settings help you to manage your site with various options. This section got divided into subsections such as Overview, Domain and Hosting, SEO, Mobile, Language and Region, Business Info, Social, Analytics and Contributors.

  • Overview:Under overview, you will have options such as – Site basics to manage site address, change site name, publishing status, Upgrading plans, connecting a domain to your wix site;and SEO options to manage search Engines and optimize your site for mobile devices; and Other preferences such as adding business info, changing language and region, setting social account preferences, Upgrading to Analytics.
  • Domain and Hosting:Under Domain and Hosting, you van view your domain name, Your current Hosting and Storage plan , and changing favcon of your site by upgrading.
  • SEO:Under SEO section you can manage your SEO preferences and use Wix SEO wizard to improve your site rankings in search engines such as google.
  • Mobile:In the Mobile section, you can view and manage how your site looks in mobile phone.
  • Language and Region:This section allows you to select your language, region and set your timezone.
  • Business Info:Under business info, you can add site information such as site category, what is the goal of your website and The owners basic info such as name, email, logo, Phone, and business address where your company got located.
  • Social:Under this section you can add Facebook Share Image how the site looks after sharing and connecting to social accounts such as Facebook etc.
  • Other options such as Analytics if you upgrade, and adding and managing contributors who write for your site.

App Market
This is the web store for various Apps (widgets) offered by wix. You can chose apps listed under different categories such as to grow your site traffic, Communication, Finance and free apps depending on your need and add them to your site.


My Apps

This section contains some nice other features.

  • Blog:In this section You can manage Blog for your site. You can write posts, Published posts, Drafts and stuff. You can add posts, delete them, add categories, tags for posts. You can even schedule posts to publish in future time.
  • News Feed:In this section you can receive updates from news categorized into Tips and Updates, Business Updates and Feature Updates.
  • Contacts:In this section you can add contacts of your friends, customers, site members, subscribers. You can create contact groups also and filter them depending on your need.
  • Send News Letters:You can create a ShoutOut to your site members by creating some fancy emails.
  • Smart Actions:You can do some smart stuff here such as sending automatic emails to your customers and subscribers. This is a great feature for effective communication
  • SEO Wizard:This is a great tool offered by Wix. This helps the ranking of your website. You can add a string using which you want to get searched in the search engines and Run a Report. Depending on the results generated by the wizard, you can make necessary changes to your site there by your ranking gets improved.

Editing Your Template:

Click on Edit option to edit a template and you will be redirected to Wix Website Editor. It has plenty of options with easily understandable UI. The unique feature of Wix editor is that you can edit a section on the template right then and there. No more navigation and confusions. There are various options starting from editing background, adding buttons, changing alignment, changing text and adding various items such as video, music, menu, list, blog etc. You can edit mobile version of the site too in the editor. After editing, you can preview or save or publish.



One thing to note here is wix takes your email username as default. If you want, you can change it on account settings.

Adding Blog:
You can add a blog to your website. Go to Wix Website Editor, select “Add blog” option on left side menu. You can add, edit and publish posts regarding your product if you want to start a business.

You can write posts and save them as drafts for further editing, or you can write and schedule posts to the future time to engage with your customers in real time. You can also add tags to your posts and segregate them.



Upgrading Options:

You can use a free website hosted by wix with wix.com extension. If you want, you can upgrade using Wix Premium plan. There are different premium plans with price to chose from depending on your need. The benefits of switching to premium plans are :

  • You can connect your site to your own domain. Either you can buy a new domain on wix or if you already have your own domain, you can redirect your site.
  • You can remove banners by wix by going premium plan. It is Ad free.
  • Premium plans offer various extra bandwidth and storage for your site maintenance needs

You can find the related information here

Unique Features by Wix

After using Wix, one would find below nice features which make it a unique website building platform:

  • Ease of Editing:
    The main asset of Wix builder is it’s interface. Users can interact with their site very close and customize the way they want with using drag and drop gestures.
  • Availability of different categories:
    Wix gives various categories to its users to chose from. As I mentioned above, one can create a site for Business, Portfolios etc.
  • Beautiful Templates:
    Wix has some beautiful HTML5 templates to chose from depending on your need. Wix suggests templates depending on which category your site belongs to.
  • App Market:
    Wix offers you various apps to chose from their own Unique Market. It’s just like a web store for all apps. You can go to app store and explore all apps here and add an app just by one click.
  • Business Tools:
    Wix offers various business tools such as Contact Manager, SEO wizard, Site Analytics etc to monitor revenue of your site.
  • Getting Inspired:
    Wix offers sample websites to inspire users to get some inspiration while designing their websites. You can view samples here

Other features can be found here.


Wix is a nice website building platform to start your website online. Even if you don’t have any idea about how to program a site, You can customize your site with just drag and drop gestures easily using Wix graphical Interface. Even though it has some drawbacks such as inability to change website template and limited storage for free, It has some nice premium HTML5 templates and features for free that most other platforms won’t offer. With upgrading ability, you can even use your custom domain. Wix has great support which ensures your site to run smoothly.

What do you think of Wix? Do let us know in comments.

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