Word Lens Translator – Translate Language Using Camera [Android & iOS]

English is definitely the extensively used language. You can check out anywhere throughout the world and you will get English at least as a second language. English is required at work, School and all over the place. The intriguing thing is the majority of people have an understanding of English.

Word Lens Translator - Translate Language Using Camera

But, what happens if you will need to head over to such a place (to travel, to work etc.) where Spanish would be the primary language and everybody speaks in Spanish. Get away from Spanish. Suppose, you have gone/ will have to pay a visit to somewhere where Portuguese is the primary language. What you want to do? You are unable to speak with anybody to go from one place to your desired destination. You cannot comprehend nearly anything simply because everything should be in Portuguese or some other language what you are not aware of. This is actually a crucial problem.

Now, there are several solutions to opt out from this. It is possible to ask for a friend or anybody to understand what is written somewhere. Alternatively, you can utilize different translator apps on the mobile for getting things done. Nonetheless, the most effective option would be Word Lens Translator.

Word Lens Translator is undoubtedly an excellent translation app which can be found at 100 % free for Android and iOS. You may also use it on Google Glass. The workflow is wonderful and a lot time-saving.

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Where does Word Lens stand out?

Typically, translation apps work online. Suppose, you’ve got a Spanish word. Therefore, you would like to interpret it in English. You will need to write that word inside the translator and the app will convert it in English to suit your needs. 99% translators function in this way.

But, Word Lens Translator works in a different way. While using this app in your mobile or Google Glass, there is no need to type the phrase in order to translate. All you have to put your mobile’s camera at the word. Word Lens Translator can translate these unfamiliar languages in your native language right away. It will take a small fraction of second to perform everything and show the outcome. The main fascinating thing is it works offline and contains service of some popular languages including English, Italian, Spanish, French, Portuguese and a lot more.

Guidelines for Word Lens Translator to translate:

This is the least complicated task ever. Just download Word Lens Translator on your mobile and turn it on.


Thereafter, focus your camera on any line after selecting the language. This is as simple as said.


I do hope you will enjoy making use of this application on your mobile. Do share your viewpoint with us.

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