WordPress tip-Store Blog post Images in a different Folder or Subdomain

If you are using a self hosted WordPress platform it is recommended to Store your Blog post images in a different directory.This will ensure faster loading of your Blog pages.This tutorial explains how to achieve this.

Why should i need to  Upload my Images in a Different  Folder or Subdomain ?

1.Most browsers (Firefox,Chrome) create only a limited number of connections to one site at a time.So hosting your Blog post images will speed up your blog loading time.

2.Storing images in a different domain keeps the blog posts images organized.

To achieve this in WordPress 2.6+

1.Go to your Hosting panel and create a Subdomain for storing your blog post images.For example : img.yoursite.com

2.Open your WordPress dashboard and Click on Settings.Then click “Miscellaneous”.

3.Now change the default image upload folder which is wp-content/uploads.

Configure default image upload folder in wordpress

Do not select the Checkbox “organize my uploads into month and year-based folders.

Configuring Windows Live Writer : If you post from Windows live writer you will have to configure the ftp settings.

1.Open WLW and go to Tools –> Accounts

2.Select your Blog and Click Edit.Then Select pictures

3.Now Select “Upload pictures in an FTP server” and click “Configure FTP settings”.

Configure WLW Ftp Settings

4.Select your image Folder that you Created and hit Ok.As simple as that.

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