Workfu Uses Your Social Connections To Find You A Job

Started back in January this year and founded by Neil Kinnish, Pete Nelson, Mike Kus and Adam Martin, Workfu is a spiffy alternative to LinkedIn. The job listing and freelancer based startup aims(and admittedly has so far) to take job searching to a new level without deviating from the core concept of simplicity.


Use Twitter to create a free account with Workfu. Once you are done filling up details on your work portfolio Workfu will add some keywords that best matches your profile. Additionally they also provide keyword suggestions that is relevant to your social(Twitter) profile and selected keywords. Apart from that, you still have the choice to enter custom keywords that you believe fits you.


The service is in beta and lets only Twitter users to sign up currently. However, once you have created an account you can add other social accounts from a plethora of networks. The list includes Facebook, LinkedIn, Zerply, Dribbble, GitHub, StackOverflow, Forrst, FFFFound, Instagram, Treehouse, Tumblr, Angellist and Vimeo. Flickr, Youtube and Soundcloud are also in the forthcoming list. If you are an avid reader, Workfu has an option to add books to your reading list which no doubt adds a more personal outlook of your profile.


If you are a freelance professional you can search for opportunities which are listed in accordance with a Fu score which is calculated on the relevance(to your skills/keywords) and connections you have. You can sort the list based on the type of employment, location and posting time of the ad. Also if you are looking for a freelancer or a permanent employee for your project, you can request for posting it and once you are invited(after manual moderation), you can post in the job listings right away.

In context with LinkedIn, Wokfu offers a more personal way to present yourself to the employers. Since the two services are behaviorally different, it will be unfair to measure them on the same scale. Linkedin although remains a market leader, integration of other networks only makes the experience more complete for Workfu. With Workfu, your influence, connections on the web are also counted in to deliver your true potential to any employer.


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