World’s First Real Hoverboard is Now a Reality

The world has always hallucinated for the springy sensation of smooth gliding through the air with their real hoverboard. This was a dream until Hendo stepped in, a month back, to turn it into a reality. They just have engineered world’s first real hoverboard with which you can now cherish your every due jollity from your life.

What is it?

The obvious question after this is when you will get this? Admittedly, soon. So, where Hendo’s real overboard is standing now? Well, according to the team, just 1 inch above the ground. It’s laughable but true.


Moreover, Hendo is not only developing this real hoverboard, it also offering a piece of their groundbreaking technology to those wired souls who want to have a hand-on experience with this. Namely, Whitebox developer’s kit, a small box shaped device, developed using the same technology. Anyone can order and have this Whitebox until this hoverboard reaches out to most of the common people.


Additionally, Hendo introduced a superior version of the Whitebox, namely, Whitebox+ which will let you control their hovering directions and propulsion capabilities through your smartphone. Baldly, it can move forward and backward, left and right, and rotate around its axis. So, you can direct your experience, in any direction, with it.


Namely, MFA, i.e., magnetic flux architecture. It’s an amalgamation of both Lenz’s and Earnshaw’s foundation laws. The team has clarified it englishly. When magnets are moved relative to a conductive material, eddy currents are created and these eddy currents, in turn, create an opposing magnetic field in the conductor. According to the team, they have done some intense digging on this principle of magnetism for the resultant maglev or magnetic levitation.


The world has already seen hovering modes of transportation, which is lavish but possible. Not denying this fact, a real hover is one, we have always cherished. Now, we can own a personal hoverboard at the price of currently, $10,000. Well, it’s expensive for the common mass, now, but can you really assess the price of being the first person cruising with a real hoverboard at your local area or town? You can’t. Nobody can. The price of our dream has always been priceless to us.

First Hover Park and You


Hendo has designed the first hover park for you. They want to buy your pristine excitement while cruising through the air with the world’s first real hoverboard. You first ever Hendo hover ride costs $100 with your 5 mins of shrilling sensation or watch your neighbor’s jaw-dropped face by displaying them your personal beta hoverboard. Whatever you choose, it’s going to be simply, awesome.


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