Xbox One will get $50 Price Cut from November 2

Do you love gaming? If YES, you might have played games on Xbox One gaming console. In fact, almost all game addicted people have this gaming console to get the most out of any game since this is the best gadget to have.

In the US, Xbox One console costs only $399. However, according to the Xbox official website, this is confirmed that the price of Xbox One and other related accessories will get $50 cut from November 2. That means, US citizens can purchase Xbox One at $349 from various reliable vendors such as Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart, Game Stop and Microsoft Stores.

Xbox One will get $50 Price Cut from November 2

This price cut is applicable on various games as well. For example, you will get $50 cut on FIFA 15, Grand Theft Auto V, Minecraft, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Halo and more others. Not only launched games but also you will get $50 cut on Xbox One Assassin’s Creed Bundle, which will be available from November 2 in the US. FYI, this game will use the most power of your Xbox One to provide the best quality and entertainment from a game.

On the other hand, another gaming console called Kinect will be available at $499.99. To be more specific, you will have Xbox One with Kinect Assassin’s Creed Unity Bundle at $499.99. Now, the Limited Edition of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Bundle is available at $499. The good news is you can get the same game at $449 from November 3. This bundle has couple of things like custom controller, console, 1TB hard drive and a digital copy of Call of Duty. Just head over to official Xbox website to know more about the price cut.

Although, this reason behind this price cut is not confirmed yet but this is really great for every US resident. If you are in the US, just wait for couple of days to get the off.


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