Xiaomi Mi Band 1S: A Device That Tracks Your Heart Rate Goes Official

Wearable Tech – One of the popular jargon in the tech community for couple of years now. Almost every major tech company is now concentrating on making a tech gadget for your hand along with a smart Phone. Motorola, Samsung, Apple etc companies already announced smart watches with their own software inside to show notifications on your hand itself without waking up your mobile from your pocket. Applications also started supporting Watch eco system now. You can take calls, see messages, plan events etc from your watch itself. The watch will pair with your smartphone on your pocket via App and can do lots of things. 

Another category of wearable tech is bands – which are coming out with different design and primarily focusing on your health. Xiaomi, the Chinese smart phone manufacturing company, announced a band recently, the Mi Band 1S. This is the successor of previous Xiaomi Mi Band, which got good reviews by its users. 


Unlike Smart Watches you see around, this band has got no display. You know, having display is not a necessity all the time. The main advantage of not having a display is it’s price. It’s a 15$ device and it is simple and appropriate.

What It can Do?

How to use this then? Well, you have to depend upon the smartphone with which you connect your band, and LED notifications and vibrations from the band. This band will pair with both Android and iOS devices. This will unlock your mobile, sends notification and vibrates indicating that the notification has been sent.

Even though you cannot view anything on the device, this band will act like a health assistant. 

  • This device has got embed with sensors using which it can track your heart rate, quality of sleep and things that improve your fitness such as no of calories you’ve burnt during work out, no of steps you’ve taken while moving.
  • It is IP67 certified meaning it is water resistant – it can stay under 3 feet of water for 30 minutes.
  • It has got a 45mAh battery inside, the same one which it’s predecessor had. Since the heart rate sensor got added this time, the battery back up time might be less compared to Mi Band.
  • Coming to the dimensions, Mi Band 1S measures 37mm x 13.6mm x 9.9 mm and weighs 5.5grams in hand.

Mi Band 1S will go on sale starting 11th of November in China. This device is expected to be launched in India soon.


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