Xiaomi to Open Data Center in India

The iPhone contender of China, Xiaomi, has brought couple of innovative mobile phones at very low cost in India. They have effectively sold more than three lakh Xiaomi mobiles in India. People have bought their phones because of two things.

First, they are getting truly magnificent features on a low-estimated gadget.

Second, Xiaomi is one of the best vendors of China. Their reputation is much higher than other vendors in a tech savvy country like China.

Yet, in India, Xiaomi has confronted couple of debates in the recent past. At one time, one security firm has affirmed that Xiaomi is sending some most private information, for example, IMEI number, messages, mobile number and more others to their server that is arranged in China.

Xiaomi to Open Data Center in India

The Xiaomi authority has also evaded that warning by proclaiming that Xiaomi users need to utilize the corresponding cloud storage app and greater part of their information are put away on Amazon Web Services, which is located in China. Amazon Web Services works like a CDN for any website and they have some plan for huge data(s) like data center. According to Xiaomi, they always keep their users’ data secret and users’ data will not be disclosed at any cost.

After reviving from that controversy, Xiaomi is currently before an alternate cautioning that has originated from IAF or Indian Air Force. IAF has cautioned and asked for to their personnel to stop using Xiaomi mobiles. IAF has demonstrated the same reason to stop using Xiaomi.

According to the circular that is disseminated by IAF, Xiaomi is spying on clients by exchanging information to their own particular nation where they have confronted the same issue for Cyber Security Threat.

To dispose of these and more other issues, Xiaomi has decided to open a data center in India to protect users’ data. In spite of the fact that, the time is not confirmed but it can be middle of 2015 or end of 2015. It seems, Xiaomi, who wants to sell 100k mobiles in every week in India, does not want to leave the third largest mobile market in the world.

What do you think about this data center? Will Xiaomi stop sending users’ data to China data center even after building the Indian Data Center?


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