Zemana AntiMalware: Best Antivirus for Windows 10/8/7

You might have heard a lot about Kaspersky, BitDefender, Avast, Quick Heal, etc. But, there is an underrated antivirus called Zemana Antimalware, which is very affordable and faster than any other antivirus available in the market. The best part, it has found some browser hijacker in a PC what Bitdefender could not detect. That is the main reason, why Zemana is relevant to every Windows user – no matter what you do with your PC. Let’s take a look at the features of Zemana AntiMalware that is compatible with Windows 7 and later version.

Zemana AntiMalware review

There are many popular antiviruses available in the market. However, you need to spend a lot of money to obtain a license key. Also, the worst part is they may not be able to detect some advanced browser hijacker or malicious browser add-ons. This is where Zemana AntiMalware comes to play.

Features of Zemana anti-malware:

  • Advanced scanning: Zemana is such an anti-malware software that scans for every single part of your computer. That includes registry files, system files, and all the other hidden files as well. That means you are certainly going to get a far better security while using this tool.
  • Ransomware protection: Although some anti-malware companies have started providing ransomware protection along with the antivirus, most of them offer a dedicated tool. If you are one of them, who do not like to use specialized software to protect from ransomware, and instead you want to an antivirus that detects the same, you can opt for Zemana Antimalware.
  • Browser Cleanup: This is where most of the antiviruses lag behind. However, this anti-malware software can detect anything related to browser hijacking, malicious browser add-on, adware, etc. Therefore, you may not need a software like ADWCleaner at all.
  • Real-time protection: This is needless to mention that Zemana Antimalware offers real-time protection. That being said, you need not worry about inserting any removable device in your computer. Your machine will be protected all the times with this software.

Talking about the user interface, it comes with an elegant and clean UI, which shows minimal information. However, you can find current health status, last scan date, license information, and last update time.

Download Zemana Antimalware

Before downloading, you should know that this is not a free anti-malware software. That means you need to buy this tool. However, you can certainly use the free version for two weeks to check whether this software is intended for you or not.

To get started, download the Zemana Antimalware to your computer and install it. After opening, you can find a window like this-

Zemana AntiMalware review

If you hit the Scan button, it will start scanning. Upon finding a malware, it changes the color of the interface. At that times, it should look like this-

Zemana AntiMalware review

After getting any harmful software, browser add-on or anything, you will get the option to either quarantine or delete.

That’s it! Hope this anti-malware would be helpful for you. If you want, you can purchase this for ₹ 1003 for one year for 1 PC.

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    I would suggest changing the title to “Best Anti-Malware” as Zemana is an Anti-Malware. I don’t mean to sound like a smartass or anything. I’m just saying.

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