Zoho Notebook: Best Alternative to Evernote for Android and iOS

Zoho is a popular company around the globe, which develops prettiest software and service. For example, Zoho Notebook that help users to take notes and this is probably the best alternative to Evernote and any other note taking apps for Android and iOS. Zoho Notebook has recently got an update, which brings more features and some improvements for mobile.

Sometime, we need to take notes to remember everything and do things at correct time. Although, there are many other note taking apps for different platforms but you should not get any problem after checking this article. When it comes to useful functionality, Zoho Notebook becomes the first to appear on everyone’s mind. Evernote is a pretty good cross platform note taking app but sometime it fails when people need to purchase more space. To solve that problem, you can opt for Zoho Notebook, which is almost free to use.

Zoho Notebook for Android and iOS

Zoho Notebook: Best Alternative to Evernote for Android and iOS

Availability: Zoho Notebook is a pretty big application. However, you must have Android 4.1 or later version and iOS 8.0 or later version to install this app on your mobile. It is available in various languages including English, Arabic, Danish, Dutch, Hindi, Korean, Chinese and more others.

Features: Talking about the features, Zoho Notebook is probably the best one in this market. It includes tons of features those will let you do something helpful. Some of the most helpful features are mentioned below.

  • Taking notes: Generally, most of the note taking apps have writing option only. But, you can add images, checklist, audio – everything in a single note. This is where it excels. Whenever, you are going to shopping, you can simply create a checklist and buy things accordingly. Suppose, you are driving and you cannot write. At such moment, you can simply use audio option to take notes.
  • Synchronization: This is possible to synchronize all the notes across multiple devices. As you must have Zoho account to use this app, this app would use that cloud storage to synchronize everything that is saved in a device.
  • Create notebook: Alike Evernote, you can create notebook to separate notes according to their categories. For instance, you have some notes related to study, games etc. You can simply create a notebook and put all the notes in that notebook. Following that, whenever you want to check notes related to games or study, you can simply open that notebook.
  • Group notes: If you have multiple similar notes, the best option to organize them is group notes. You can create groups to manage them all.
  • If your iPhone has 3D touch, you can get the 3D touch facility while using this app.

The user interface of Zoho notebook is pretty cool as this is very neat and clean. All the features are well organized. Hence, you should not get any issue at all.

Therefore, if you like you can download Zoho Notebook for Android from here and for iOS from here.

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