20 Google Search Tips And Tricks To Get What You Want

Many times you might get disappointed by the search result when you are in a hurry. However, if you use these Google search tips and tricks, there is a high chance that you would get what you are looking for. No matter whether your search is related to image, text, document, or anything else, you can use these little tricks to get the job done.

1. Use Quotes To Find Exact Result

When you search for a keyword, it might not show the exact result. Google displays the result with everything possible related to the search query. However, if you use a search term like this – “Ampercent,” it will show the result that contains Ampercent on the page. You can search for anything with two quotes.

2. Mention File Type

Let’s assume that you need to find a PDF file of an eBook. At such a moment, you can use a keyword like this-

Book name filetype:pdf

It will show results with PDF file so that users can download the file directly to their mobile or computer. You can use any file format, including ePub, .mobi, etc.

3. Search For Wallpaper With Specific Resolution

Google Search Tips And Tricks

If you are not getting a wallpaper as per your screen size, you can use this search term-

Wallpaper 1920×1080

As per this keyword, Google will show wallpapers with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. It is meaningless to mention that you can change the resolution to find wallpaper for computer monitors as well as mobile.

4. Find Quick Answers

Google Search Tips And Tricks

You can ask Google questions to get quick answers. For example, you can ask for someone’s age, weather report, or anything else. Most times, it shows the answers directly. However, if an answer is not available, you can find some specific website where you can get the answer to your question in one-click.

5. Reverse Image Search

Reverse Image Search helps you find an image based on an existing photo that you have on your computer. For that, you need to open the Google Image search and upload the image from your computer. You can also add a couple of keywords so that it can show the result quickly. Otherwise, Google will show approximate results on your screen.

6. Search For News Using Tools

If you read news from Google search, you can use the Tools section so that you can get the most recent news. By default, Google shows the most trending news on the result page. However, if you use the Tools > Any time > Past hour or Past 24 hours option, it would show the recent news only.

7. Show Result In Another Language

Google Search Tips And Tricks

If you want to get the results in a different language, you can go to Settings > Languages. From here, you need to choose a language that you want. After clicking the Save button, Google will show results in that language. Also, you can use the search term in that preferred language.

8. Increase Number Of Results Per Page

Google Search Tips And Tricks

By default, Google shows ten results on a single page. However, if you want to get more results, you can do this. Search for keyboard and click on Settings > Search settings. After that, choose a number from the Results per page option. It is possible to select up to 100 results per page.

9. Change Region To Find Specific Result

The same settings page has an option that allows you to change the region so that you can get a different result. Some websites publish region-based articles. If you want to get them, it is the best way. Here you can find an option called Region Settings. From here, you can choose a region and click the Save button.

10. Check If Page Is Indexed

If you are a website admin and you want to check if your webpage is indexed in Google or not, you can copy the URL and paste it in the search box. If Google shows the result of your website, the page is indexed. However, if Google shows something else, it implies that the webpage is not indexed yet.

11. Use Calculator

Google Search Tips And Tricks

If you do not have a physical calculator, but you want to calculate a few things, you can use the Google search. You can simply type the equation, and it will show the result accordingly. No matter whether it is a complicated or straightforward equation, Google shows the result almost immediately.

12. Use Converter

Like a calculator, you can convert different things with the help of Google search. For example, you can convert volume, distance, currency, etc. Just search for the keyboard like this-

1000m to km

10lb to kg

And Google will show the converted result immediately.

13. Find Result Of Specific Site

If you want to get a search result of a specific website, you need to enter a simple parameter like this-

Google site:ampercent.com

It is meaningless to mention that you can use any domain name as per your wish.

14. Find Icons

In case you are trying to find an icon of a specific thing, and you have already searched for it in the Google Image search, you can follow this guide. You need to open Tools and go to Size > Icon. Now only icons would appear in the search result.

15. Find Royalty Free Image

Google Search Tips And Tricks

If you are trying to find some images to use on your website, you can use this tutorial here is how to find royalty-free images from Google. At first, search for the keyboard in the Google Image search and open the Tools option. Following that, expand Usage Rights and select a license type as per your requirements.

16. Find Transparent Image

The Tools menu has another option that would help you to find a transparent image from Google Image search. For that, you need to expand the Color menu, and select Transparent option from the list. Now, you can find all the images that have a transparent background.

17. Translate Language

Google Search Tips And Tricks

If you are trying to translate language quickly, you can use the Google search. For example, search for a keyboard like this-

Hola in English

Here “Hola” is the unknown language, and “English” is the output language. You can change it to anything.

18. Add Price Range

If you want to get a list of products between a specific price range, you can use this technique.

Chair $50…$100

It will show you the result of chairs that has a price range from $50 to $100.

19. Check Cache Version Of Webpage

If a webpage has been deleted, but you want to open it for some reason, you can use the cache version. The only problem with this method is that you must have the exact URL of the specific webpage. After that, you can search for it in Google search box > click the arrow button > select Cached.

20. Check Movie Showtime

If a long-awaited movie is running at your nearest theater and you want to check the showtime to watch it, you can check it on Google. For that, type the movie name along with the keyboard called showtime.

For example:

Avengers endgame showtime

It will show the result immediately.

That’s it! These are some of the best Google search tips and tricks to find some excellent results.

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