Clone And Run Multiple Instances of same app on Android

How To Clone And Run Multiple Accounts Of Same App On Android

Let’s assume that you have installed an app that allows users to use it for five minutes or ten minutes. If that is a simple app, most of the people can understand the workflow. However, if that app has a ton of options and you haven’t got them all together, you might want to recheck

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Google Assistant not working

Fix Google Assistant Or Ok Google Is Not Working On Android Phone

Google Assistant is an essential component of every Android mobile. It doesn’t matter whether you have a Pixel mobile or Samsung made phone, you can certainly use Google Assistant. There are two ways to open Google Assistant on Android phone. First, you can use the voice command, Ok Google. Second, you can use the home

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Apps Keep Crashing and Freezing on Android

Fix Apps Keep Crashing On Android Mobile

People install different apps right after purchasing a mobile. No matter whether it is an Android phone or iPhone, they install tons of apps on their mobile. If you have done the same but apps are crashing continuously right after opening, you should check out these solutions. Although this is not a common problem, many

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How To Download Facebook Video On Android

Although Facebook has so many options and features, they do not allow you to download videos from their website. No matter whether you want to download your own uploaded videos or from someone else’s profile, you cannot do that. That doesn’t mean you cannot download any video from the website. If you have a computer,

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How To Change Gmail Password From Mobile App

How To Change Gmail Password From Mobile App

Undoubtedly, Gmail is the best email service out there, which is being used by countless people from across the globe. There are several reasons why people use Gmail over other email services, and one of them is availability. No matter whether you have a computer or a mobile, you can use your Gmail account from

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MusixMatch Lyrics

Best Android And iOS Apps To Find Song Lyrics

Who doesn’t like to listen to some music? Although different people have different taste, almost all people want to listen to music according to their choice. However, let’s assume that you are listening to a song in a foreign language and you cannot understand the lyrics. At such moments, many people try to find the

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Wi-Fi Router

How To Share Wi-Fi Without Sharing Password In Android Q

Many times, we need to share the Wi-Fi with some friends or someone, who has come to your house or office. Obviously, sharing the Wi-Fi password is not a good option for many people. If you are one of them, and you want to share Wi-Fi without sharing a password, you can do that if

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Firefox Lockbox

Firefox Lockbox: Free Password Manager For Android And iOS

Firefox has recently launched a new password manager app called Firefox Lockbox, which will let you synchronize passwords across multiple devices. Firefox is known for security – no matter what the product is. The same thing remains in Firefox Lockbox, which is a basic yet quite helpful password management platform that is available for Android

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AdGuard 3.0 For Android Dark Theme

Best Features Of AdGuard 3.0 For Android

Almost every website uses various trackers so that they can show ads, improve user experience, and so on. Many admins use cookies to provide better service. However, countless people get scammed using the same. That is why you should get a one-stop solution, and AdGuard seems to be a great tool to fix all those

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Best Cryptocurrency Price Tracker Apps For Android And iOS

Cryptocurrency has got massive growth in recent years. If you often invest in various cryptocurrencies, you should check out these cryptocurrency tracker apps for Android and iOS. These tools will let you find the current price, recent ups & downs, and much more information. These things are important when you are trying to invest in

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Video to MP3 - MP3 Converter

Best Android And iOS Apps To Extract Audio From Video

There are many times when we download a video, but we want to get the audio so that we can keep listening to that song or speech with headphone. If you are using a computer, this is very easy since there is a couple of free and paid apps for Windows and Mac those will

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Use Inbuilt Screen Recorder In Android Q

How To Enable Inbuilt Screen Recorder In Android Q

Google has recently launched the beta version of Android Q. Even though they haven’t included a lot of features for consumers, people still love it because of extraordinary features such as this screen recorder. If you have Android 9 Pie or older version, you need to download a third-party application. However, if you are using

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How To Extract APK Files From Installed Android Apps Without Root

Although users can install apps from the Google Play Store, it doesn’t allow people to extract the APK file. There were some tricks that help users get the APK file from the Google Play Store directly. However, those tricks have become abolished over the years. However, if you are willing to extract APK files from

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Lady at the airport

Best Apps To Spend Time At Airport

Nowadays, almost all people travel via airplane. It makes the journey time smaller and more comfortable, though you have to spend much more money than other available transport. If you often travel internationally via flight, chances are you spend a lot of time at the airport before getting the connecting flight. Some people often need

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Android Q

Android Q Beta: Eligible Devices, How To Install, New Features

Google has finally released the Beta version of Android Q for Pixel mobiles and here is everything you need to know about Android Q, which has not got the name yet. According to Google, their latest Android version is ready for everything including 5G, Edge to Edge display, foldable display, and so on. However, if

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