How To Manage Saved Passwords In Safari

How To Manage Saved Passwords In Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari

If you have saved a lot of passwords in any of these popular browsers and you want to manage all the saved passwords in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Apple Safari do check out this article. Although it is not recommended to save the password anywhere in the browser, many people do it

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How To Edit And Create Videos With Windows 10 Photos App

How To Edit And Create Videos With Windows 10 Photos App

Windows 10 comes with tons of inbuilt apps, and the Photos app is one of them. Microsoft replaced traditional Windows Photo Viewer with the Photos app in Windows 10. The replacement was smooth and the app super awesome. That is the reason, why people like it so much. No matter whether you open an image

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Video to MP3 - MP3 Converter

Best Android And iOS Apps To Extract Audio From Video

There are many times when we download a video, but we want to get the audio so that we can keep listening to that song or speech with headphone. If you are using a computer, this is very easy since there is a couple of free and paid apps for Windows and Mac those will

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How To Manage All Shared Files In Dropbox

How To Manage All Shared Files In Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox

When someone talks about cloud storage, three names come to the mind, and they are Google Drive, OneDrive, and Dropbox. All of them are quite old, trustworthy, easy to use, affordable and they provide a good amount of free storage to test all the services and functionalities. All of these three cloud storage services allow

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Hide Front Camera Hole

8 Best Tips And Tricks For Samsung Galaxy S10+

A few days back, Samsung launched a couple of smartphones to extend their “S” series. It doesn’t matter which mobile you choose; you will end up getting a top-notch user experience. However, if you are using Samsung Galaxy S10+ or any other device, you should check out these tips and tricks so that you can

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Use Inbuilt Screen Recorder In Android Q

How To Enable Inbuilt Screen Recorder In Android Q

Google has recently launched the beta version of Android Q. Even though they haven’t included a lot of features for consumers, people still love it because of extraordinary features such as this screen recorder. If you have Android 9 Pie or older version, you need to download a third-party application. However, if you are using

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YoUTube Premium Logo

Everything You Need To Know About YouTube Premium

Almost five years ago, Google launched Music Key and more than four years ago; they launched YouTube Red. Both are still active, but they have got new names. The Music Key is known as YouTube Music, and the YouTube Red is known as YouTube Premium. The best thing is both of the tools come under

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Smart Compose in Gmail Web

Smart Compose In Gmail: How To Enable, Disable, Use It

Gmail is one of the best email services, and there is no doubt. No matter whether you are a student or an office employee, you can certainly use Gmail to connect with people. Gmail is popular because of several reasons. It comes with tons of features, options, and it is available for Android, iOS, etc.

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How To Extract APK Files From Installed Android Apps Without Root

Although users can install apps from the Google Play Store, it doesn’t allow people to extract the APK file. There were some tricks that help users get the APK file from the Google Play Store directly. However, those tricks have become abolished over the years. However, if you are willing to extract APK files from

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Lady at the airport

Best Apps To Spend Time At Airport

Nowadays, almost all people travel via airplane. It makes the journey time smaller and more comfortable, though you have to spend much more money than other available transport. If you often travel internationally via flight, chances are you spend a lot of time at the airport before getting the connecting flight. Some people often need

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Most Useful Windows Apps For Students

If you are a college or school student and you want to do more with your computer, you should install these apps on your Windows computer. No matter whether you want to give a test or get some problems to solve, you can find these apps very useful. From taking study notes to improve your

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Computer RAM

4 Practical Ways To Increase Memory Or RAM

If you have a little bit of knowledge on computer hardware and how a system works, you might know that only “Refresh” is not enough to increase the performance of your computer or improve the RAM performance. There are many people, who waste a lot of time hitting the refresh button right after turning on

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IM+ Watch Use WhatsApp On Apple Watch

How To Use WhatsApp On Apple Watch

Although Apple launched the Apple Watch a long time ago, there is no official version of WhatsApp. As WhatsApp is the best mobile-based instant messaging service, you might need it on your Apple Watch. If you are willing to use WhatsApp on Apple Watch, do check out this article to know how you can install

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Android Q

Android Q Beta: Eligible Devices, How To Install, New Features

Google has finally released the Beta version of Android Q for Pixel mobiles and here is everything you need to know about Android Q, which has not got the name yet. According to Google, their latest Android version is ready for everything including 5G, Edge to Edge display, foldable display, and so on. However, if

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iStat Menus

Best CPU Temperature Monitoring Apps For Windows And Mac

A computer is nothing without the CPU since it is the main component. You can have an old motherboard with an old processor or vice versa, but it is the main part of your computer. When you do a lot of high-end tasks such as running a virtual machine, rendering 4K video, etc., you should

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