Lock Apps On iOS 12 Without Any Third-Party Software

How To Lock Apps On iOS 12 Without Any Third-Party Software

Nowadays security and privacy should be the primary priority of any internet user. If you have an iOS device, i.e., iPhone or iPad, and you often give your phone to your kid or your friends often take your mobile, you can lock down specific apps for security purpose. This is possible to lock apps on

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Remove Camera From iOS 12 Lock Screen

How To Remove Camera From iOS 12 Lock Screen

No doubt that iOS 12 is a feature-rich platform for mobile, which offers a ton of features. If you have an iPhone and you want to open the camera quickly, the best way to do that is by swiping your lock screen from right to left. Apple includes this option by default so that people

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Google Assistant

How To Remove Google Assistant From Android Home Button

Google Assistant is the native digital assistant of Android mobile, and there are multiple ways to open it in your Android phone. Despite having stock or custom ROM, you can use Google Assistant in your mobile. If your phone has it as an inbuilt feature, there is no need to download anything. Otherwise, you can

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Change Default Screenshot Save Location on macOS Mojave

How To Change Default Screenshot Save Location On macOS Mojave

If you often capture screenshots on macOS Mojave and you want to change default screenshot save location, you need to follow this post. macOS Mojave is a very well managed platform made by Apple for Mac computers. There are many people, who often capture screenshots on their computers. By default, Mojave saves all the screenshots

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University Students

Best Websites For Students

If you are a student and you are about to go abroad for education, but you have no idea about accommodations or anything, these websites might help you a lot. Many people go abroad to study, but many of them encounter various problems related to lodging, etc. It doesn’t matter whether you are going abroad

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YouTube on Mobile

Useful YouTube URL Tricks You Should Know About

Undoubtedly, YouTube is the best video streaming website out there, which is being used by millions of people from across the globe. No matter whether you want to watch cooking recipes or trailer of a movie, you can find everything on YouTube. Although YouTube website offers a couple of options so that users can manage

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Task Manager Not Opening in Windows 10? Here is how you solve it.

Lately, when I was googling about windows task manager, I found out that the web is beaming with search phrases like task manager not opening or task manager not responding. Specifically, users running Windows on their systems are facing this issue more frequently and they are much troubled with the single obstacle – task manager

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How to Run Android 9 on pc Using Android Studio? The best Android Emulator.

Are you not being able to resist yourself to get your hands dirty with Android 9? Do you want to run Android 9 on pc? Have you tried anything? Any android emulator or so? Too many questions. Right? Yah. Let’s cut the crap. Android Studio is the single common answer to all of these questions

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How to setup and run android 9 on PC? Ways to Do it.

After rolling out the first developer preview on March 2018, Google has finally introduced the latest Android operating system in August 2018. Most of the Android enthusiast has already rolled up their sleeves and finding new ways to run Android 9 on pc. Eventually, the latest Android OS(Android 9.0), nicknamed as Android Pie, has already

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How to Update Windows 10 Offline.(Without Internet)

Hey, are you tired of Windows 10 not-so-scheduled updates at the middle of your working schedule? I’m not even asking how it eats on your network connection while updating a whole system of multiple connected machines. But, you can’t afford a loop-hole in the security system, right? Well, you can disable auto-update and go offline

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Indoor Navigation App for Android: Why and How?

Have you heard about indoor navigation app or system? Have you ever stumbled to find the brand new food joint inside your favorite shopping mall? I bet, you felt that an indoor navigation or way finding app could serve you better. Right? Yes. Always, the situation gets a bit misty when you walk into large

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Google Chrome and Firefox are Not Responding on Windows 10/8/7

Google Chrome and Firefox both are awesome web browsers. It doesn’t matter whether you use them on Android or Windows, they will perform pretty good. However, if you are using them on those platforms but it is not responding or stopped responding suddenly, here are some tips and tricks those will fix this problem within

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Android TV

8 Most Useful News and Sports Apps for Android TV

Right from 2014, Android TV has gained a huge success, and that is all because of the performance and availability of apps. You can install apps from Google Play Store for Android TV as well as sideload various apps those are not available on the official store. If you often read the news and check

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Delete Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn Account of A Deceased Person

If someone has died recently and he/she was using Facebook, Twitter, Google, Linkedin account and you want to get them deleted, do check out this article. Death is obviously an unfortunate thing. There are many people, who use someone’s death as marketing material. If you do not want such a thing with some known person,

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Windows Sandbox

What is Windows Sandbox and How to Use it?

In the recent Windows 10 update, Microsoft has included a new feature called Windows Sandbox. Although you need to enable it manually if you are using the Windows Insider Program, with the help of this Windows Sandbox, you can test various software without installing that in the actual system. Apart from that, it has many

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