Take Maximum advantage of the All in One Seo Pack Plugin

New to WordPress  ? Wonder how can you insert Meta tags and Descriptions For Blog Posts ?.There is a popular plugin called the All in One Seo Pack and lets see How to tweak it to for a better Search engine Experience.

Download and install The plugin

Download All In One Seo Pack.Unzip The files and Upload the plugin into Wp-content/plugins.Then Open your WordPress dashboard and Activate it from Plugins.Then navigate to Settings->All in One Seo pack to Configure its Settings.

Given Below is a screenshot of the Various options.Watch them carefully and Implement them in your Blog.

All in One seo options page

Let me Explain them in Detail.

Home title :This represents the Title of your Homepage.Write your Blogs name here with some tagline if you wish.Don’t make it too Long.Keep it Short yet descriptive.

Home description: Write what your Blog is all about and what Purpose it serves.It will show in the search engines when your home page is listed so make the best out of it.It should contain some Keywords and Should read well.

Home keyword : List all your primary keywords here.These depends on what Niche your blog resides and it depends purely on your thought.Do not Copy keywords from other Sites ! That wont help.

Post title,page title,category and tag Title formats : Use them as shown.This will determine The Title of your Blog post pages,Category and Tag pages.if you are using advanced Settings in your Blog Template then you can Skip these steps.Read :Optimizing the title tags Of your Blog template.

Click Update options to Save the Settings.The plugin will create a Title of your Blog with a Unique Description.You will also be able to Set different titles and descriptions for your Blog posts and Assign keywords.

Writing Title,Meta Description and Keywords for a post

All In One Seo options

Title : This title Will appear in Search results.It wont appear in your Blog.Some points worth noting :

  • Google limits 67 characters and Yahoo limits 76 characters (including Spaces) for the page title.Anything More will not be shown in the SERP’s.
  • Make the title Attractive.Think About the Words user will type in the Search engines.Including those words in the title Will definitely Attract the User and he would probably visit your Site.

Description :Briefly describe what your post is all about.Include Important keywords but don’t overpopulate it.Don’t try to Fool the Search engines by Stuffing only Keywords.The maximum Allowed characters is 156(Google).

Note: Sometimes you may find that Search engines do not show the Meta description in Search result pages but a snippet of your content described elsewhere in your post.This Suggests that The search Engines are smart Enough to recognize the most relevant terms of your Content regarding a Specific Search Query.

Remember : A good Meta Description that conveys important Message will make the Surfer Click.He may Even Bypass the Higher ranked results.So take your time and  write Appealing titles and Meta descriptions

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