Best Tools to Scan Your Home Router for Vulnerabilities 

Nowadays, we connect almost everything to our home router. From TV to IoT security devices, computers, mobiles, etc. We use internet on almost everything. Although it helps you connect all the devices better since you get a synchronisation option, there are some disadvantages as well. In these present days, attackers are attacking Wi-Fi router instead of particular platforms since they can infect an entire home network by attacking the router. If you are using a router to connect all your devices, you should have to scan your home router for vulnerabilities so that you can be on the safe side. Not only computer antivirus or mobile security software, but also you need to scan your home router for possible threats so that you can make all your devices safe and secure.

Wi Fi Router security

To make that possible, here are some tools or software that you can use on Windows computer to check whether your network is secure or not. Almost all of them are personally tested, and therefore, you would not get any issue while utilizing them on your system.

Best Tools to Scan Your Home Router

1] Avast Wi-Fi Inspector 

Avast Wi-Fi Inspector is one of the best Wi-Fi router scanners for your computer. Although this is an integrated tool, you can utilize it without any problem. This is possible to access Avast Wi-Fi Inspector alongside Avast Free Antivirus. Being said that, you can download this tool at no cost and without any issue. The user interface of Avast Free Antivirus is not bad, and you can find all the options on your screen right after opening the app. Therefore, the interface of Wi-Fi Inspector is not bad either. You can find your potentially vulnerable devices, routers, and all the connected devices in the scan result. It also helps you find out weak passwords, router’s firmware problem, unsecured connections or networks, DNS hijacking, and open network ports. All these things can be found in Avast Wi-Fi Inspector. For more information, you can check out this page.

2] Bitdefender Home Scanner 

Best Tools to Scan Your Home Router

It doesn’t matter how many devices you have connected to your Wi-Fi router; you can certainly scan your router without any problem. You can get an alert anytime whenever you connect any device. Not only you, if someone tries to connect any device to your Wi-Fi router, but you will also get a notification through Bitdefender Home Scanner. Talking about functionality, you can get all the options what Avast Wi-Fi Inspector offers. Being said that, you can find all the devices, devices those are potentially at risk, their IP addresses and so on. This is also possible to check why those devices are at risk. Therefore, you can troubleshoot the issue with the help of Bitdefender Home Scanner.

The user interface of Bitdefender Home Scanner is pretty good and cannot find any clutter since all the options are well categorized. As this is a standalone application, you can use every option without any problem.

3] F-Secure Router Checker 

Best Tools to Scan Your Home Router

Although Avast Wi-Fi Inspector and Bitdefender Home Scanner are a desktop application, F-Secure Router Checker is a web-based application that you can use from any device you have connected to the Wi-Fi router. It mainly helps you find out DNS Hijacking, which is the most common threat in these present days. DNS Hijacking means someone or some attacker has made some changes in your router’s settings without any admin permission or your consent. If someone can hijack your router settings, this is very easy to insert malware or attack any connected device within moments. Therefore, you can prevent that with the help of F-Secure Router Checker tool. It finds out your DNS IP, AS number, AS organisation, ISP, Continent code, Continent name, country code, country name, registered country code, registered country name, known public DNS server, etc. All those things are possible by just one click.

4] ESET Connected Home Monitor 

Like Avast’s tool, ESET Connected Home Monitor is an integrated tool that comes with ESET Smart Security Premium version. After 30 days trial, you need to purchase it differently. The user interface of this tool is pretty good; neat and clean, and hence, you would not find any issue while using this tool. Talking about available functionality, you can scan all the devices those are connected to your home router, potentially vulnerable devices, the reason behind the vulnerability etc. Apart from that, you can know why your router is potentially vulnerable as well. One thing you should keep in mind that you cannot fix any problem with the help of ESET Connected Home Monitor. Instead, you can find out which thing is at risk and then you need to fix the problem manually.

5] McAfee Wi-Fi Scan 

McAfee Wi-Fi Scan tool is available in McAfee Total Protection, and this is one of the best options since it is developed one of the best security researcher team in the internet world. It can show all the problems those are having on your Wi-Fi router. After scanning, you can find all the devices those are connected to your home router, potentially vulnerable device/s, reasons why they are vulnerable, name, and so on. The user interface of McAfee Wi-Fi Scan is pretty good, and you would not find any issue at all. All the options are well categorized, and therefore, you can start using this comprehensive tool from day one.

Final Word 

There are more other home router scanners for Windows computer. If you have a Windows computer, you can opt for any tool. However, if you have Mac computer or you want to scan your router from mobile, you can opt for F-Secure Router Checker, which is a web-based tool and it works on any devices.

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