How to Capture Screenshots of Scrolling Windows and Webpages

If you use a screen capture program to capture screenshots of  webpages or that of your desktop, sometimes you may want to capture the entire screenshot of a scrolling window. Some of the screen capture tools support it, while some don’t.

For example: I use Techsmith SNAGIT as my screen capture program for years but unfortunately, SNAGIT is unable to capture a complete screenshot of a scrolling window or webpage. I don’t know whether it’s a bug or something, but when I am using the SNAGIT “Scrolling Window” capture mode, it just does not works.

The same is true when I try to capture a full page screenshot of a webpage in Google Chrome or Firefox. SNAGIT goes half the screen and then the capture is returned incomplete. Guess what, sometimes I have preferred using another tool to capture screenshots of drop down menus that loses focus.

I went after looking for an alternative program and found Ducklink Screen Capture

Ducklink Screen capture is a free tool which comes with four in built capture modes – capture a window, region or the content of an entire scrolling window or webpage.

Capture Screenshots of Scrolling Windows or Webpages

The resulting images can be saved in jpeg, bmp and png formats, you can also define your preferred hotkeys in the program preferences. While other options are just as good, the one which I am going to use it is for the scrolling window screen capture mode. If you are looking for a portable screen capture tool, try PickPick.

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