How to Use Wolfram Alpha to Solve English Word Puzzles?

Wolfram Alpha is Knowledge based search engine. Do not get confused with the word ‘search engine’ by comparing it with Google search engine. The way it serves the users and the way it works is different from Google search. When you search for something on Google, it gives you links for websites as the search result, where as Wolfram Alpha gives you the result or solution directly for the same search. Wolfram Alpha has it’s own Algorithm running in the background to show you the accurate result.

Wolfram Alpha

How Wolfram Alpha is different from Google Search?

As discussed, it gives you the solution directly rather than website links. For example, when you search for “facts about Galileo” in Google and Wolfram Alpha, Google shows you the website links matching the search query and Wolfram Alpha gives you the facts about Galileo directly as a result.

Here, you can find the difference clearly between Google search result and Wolfram Alpha result for the same result.

Google Search result,

Google Search Results

Wolfram Alpha result,

Wolfram Alpha Result

In this article, I will let you know how to use Wolfram Alpha to solve English word puzzles which deals with finding anagrams, rhyming words, scrabbled words, finding the words matching the pattern and more with examples.

Find anagrams of a Word or Phrase

Anagram of a word means, finding all the possible meaningful words by rearranging the letters of the given word. If you want to find anagram of a given word, you need to do many permutations and combinations and it becomes hectic when the number of letters are more. Wolfram Alpha solves this easily and quickly.

Just enter “anagrams [word]” and it shows you the anagrams of that word.

Anagrams_wolfrm alpha

Calculate Scrabble Scores

Scrabble is the well known game for every one of us. We need to place the correct tile to get the meaningful word and then we score points. Wolfram Alpha helps you to get points in Scrabble with the tools like dictionary and points calculator. As of now, it supports American English, International English and French versions of Scrabble.

So, type “English Scrabble [word]”. Then, click on “International English” or “North America English” to get results.

Scrabble_Wolfram Alpha


For more information about Scrabble in Wolfram Alpha, visit the Wolfram Alpha Blog.

Find Words Matching a Pattern

If missing letters are less in number and it is the short word, then it is easy to find missing letters manually. But, if word is long and missing letters are more, use Wolfram Alpha find the meaningful word by identifying the missing letters.

For example type “_al__la__” and see the result showing the meaningful words possible.

Missing words_Wolfram Alpha


Find Rhyming Words

Rhyming words plays a key role in some English word puzzles. Wolfram Alpha helps you to find the possible rhyming words of the given word. Not just one or two, but it gives you the list of all rhyming words of the given word. Type “words that rhyme with [word]” and hit enter to find the rhyming words.

Rhyming Words_Wolfram Alpha

Find words staring with and ending with particular word

Find words starting and ending with particular word is really a hectic task. But, Wolfram Alpha helps us to find such words easily.

To find words starting with a particular word, type “words starting with [word]” and hit enter to get results.

Words starting_Wolfram Alpha

To find words, ending with a particular word, type “words ending with [word]

Words ending_Wolfram Alpha


You can use Wolfram Alpha to solve Mathematics, know about people and history, Statistics and data analysis, family relationships and many more. Head over to Wolfram Alpha Examples to find out how you can use it. How best you are making use of Wolfram Alpha? Please, do share with us through comments.

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