If It Were My Home Let’s You See Your Life In A Different Country By Comparing Living Conditions

Have you ever wondered or visualized yourself living in a different country? Well, most of us do. Even though many of us like travelling and visit the places, living in a country is a different aspect altogether. In order to shift a country, we got to do lot of analysis before like life style, opportunities, security etc. Especially if you are shifting yourself for the sake of employment, these issues place a crucial role.

Especially for a country like India, people always dream of going abroad mainly for two reasons – education or employment. Well, it is great choice for some because of the availability of resources and scope for easy growth. But if you are a person who want to shift your present country to another because of the wealthy life style, you may wanna think again because no country is perfect in this planet. I didn’t mean to discourage you, but, every facility always comes with a side effect.

In your life, at some point, you would’ve though yourself that what your lifestyle would be if you were born/shifted to a different country. Well, there is actually a service available online for sophisticated demonstration to calm your anxiety. It is called If It Were My Home.


It It Were My Home is a simple website which lets you compare lifestyle of different countries with your current location. When you go to the website, it will currently determine your location and you can choose another country you like to compare. Or you can yourself choose one for fun.


As you can see, I’ve selected United States to compare with India. The result gets showed in different categories like how much you’ve get to spend money on healthcare, how much time do you get to live, how much you’d get to earn, how much percentage you’d get employment etc etc. The results get shown in different colors like if it’s a positive aspect of living in that particular country- its green; if it is negative then it’s red color etc.

You can see more information on each category by clicking drop down. It contains information like what is a particular category/index is all about, what data helped them to decide the percentage in both the counties, and source from which they’ve gathered the information like – CIA world fact book, WHO, International Centre for Prison Studies etc. As you can see these are very authentic sources. On it’s face, this website may look for fun, but it takes a lot of work to compose a service like this comparing country specific issues from reliable resources and providing them. Every result you compare would give you a brief history of that country with its flag including facts like currency, languages , area etc.

You can also see the geography comparison too. If It Were My Home displays the map of country you’ve chosen on top of your present country so that you can visualize the aspects of the land. There is a disaster section like 2010 Pakistan Flood which would show you a map of the country in relation to your present country to give you a better idea of the disaster.

What is the Use of This Thing?

Beyond fun, in one word. Comparing your lifestyle with another country if you were live there shows the present conditions of both the counties to you in clear cut metrics from Authentic resources. The lifestyle in a country doesn’t always how rich people live but also affected by the conditions of economy, poor percentage, terrorism, ability to prevent deadly diseases, population, basic facilities like electricity etc.

When you enter the site, you would get to read

“The lottery of birth is responsible for much of who we are. If you were not born in the country you were, what would your life be like? Would you be the same person?”

If It Were My Home shows exactly very well and it can be used as a pedagogy by social studies teachers to explain to their students the essence of lifestyle in a country and the basis of that.

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