Everything You Need to Know About New Google Account Management Panel

The web giant, Google has rolled out a brand new and redesigned Account Management panel for Google account users. The main goal is to provide all types of security and privacy related settings under one roof. Although, almost all settings were available in the previous Settings panel, yet, a user needed to find out each option separately. In fact, there were so many users, who do not know about some features, what really exist.

Everything You Need to Know About New Google Account Management Panel

To solve all of those problems, Google has unveiled a new account management panel, which contains all settings, in order to manage any Google account. Now a user does not have to go through any complex path to find out any option that Google provides.

Therefore, to be familiar with this new settings panel, here is a brief guide, what will assist you to understand everything faster. Instead of going to through all the options to know about them, just read on to get information.

Google Added New Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy is what matters most for any online as well as offline company. What kind of data do you collect, what do you do with those collected data, how do you collect a user’s interaction with your product etc. should be included in your privacy policy. Google also had such a privacy policy. But, the problem was the previous privacy policy was really difficult to understand for a normal Google account user. On the other hand, only few people read the privacy policy. Most of them always make a tick when they need to create an account.

Google Added New Privacy Policy

Therefore, to solve this issue, Google has rolled out a new Privacy Policy page, where you will all kinds of information under one roof. You can learn what data does Google collect, what does Google do with the collected data and every other things.

Information is not new but the way to present the information is a bit new. This page has some guides as well as some options to set up your account for better privacy.

Google Account Management Panel for Users Explained

The new account management panel has everything what a user needs to get more security and privacy. All the features are well grouped and this is how Google has brought a little change in user interface. You will get some main categories like Sign-in & Security, Personal info & privacy and Account Preferences.

Sign in & Security

This is the heart of this new account management panel. You can check out various things, change password, add security layer and more. Apart from them, you will get the following things,

  • change password
  • enable/disable 2-step verification
  • create new app password
  • modify account recovery options
  • change recovery email
  • change recovery phone
  • check recent security events
  • check connected app permission
  • manage saved password

All those aforementioned options are available on one page. That will simply save a lot of time.

Everything You Need to Know About New Google Account Management Panel

Personal info & privacy

Online privacy matters a lot. As Google collects a lot of data, captures user interaction etc. to make their product smarter, you should always keep an eye on your privacy settings to allow or block something from being caught by this web giant. Obviously, Google provides some options to let users find the right thing to share with Google. Now, it has become even easier to manage privacy settings since they have added a new panel. Right from this window, you can do the the following things,

  • privacy check up (Few days back, Google offered few GB of storage for completing this security check up)
  • manage basic user information including email ID, phone number, Google+ profile, Google+ settings
  • modify search settings
  • manage search history
  • manage places where you have gone and captured by Google
  • manage information on your device
  • manage video search history on YouTube
  • tailor ad settings
  • download the archive
  • add account trustee

All those aforementioned settings were available previously. But, did you really know the location of these options in old account management panel? Only few people knew this and this is where this change excels.

Account preferences

Here are some other options to protect your online privacy. This new Account preferences window will let you manage language, storage etc. All the following things can be done right from this window,

  • change language and input tools
  • turn ON/OFF screen settings
  • check Google Drive storage
  • delete account

Previously, users needed to navigate through so many options to delete Google+ account or so. However, now this is possible to do the same from this window, which is easier than the old method.

Why is new account management panel better than old one?

Previously, almost all those above-mentioned options were available in the account management window. But, the problem was different. Users needed to find each option one by one from different pages. But, this revamped settings panel helps users to get even more options under one roof. It will surely increase the usability.

On the other hand, people generally do not read the privacy policy of any website. Google has made it interesting and easy to understand the privacy policy so that users will read it and can personalize the privacy settings as per their wish. Now, anybody can know how does Google collect data, what do they do with collected data etc. This transparency will bring more user engagement.

Hope this new account management panel will help you to do everything faster.

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