Polymail: Most Powerful Email Client for iOS

The Mac based email client, Polymail, has got an enhancement and now this free email client is available for iOS as well. Earlier, the developers launched this interest feature-rich email client only for Mac. However, now the other Apple users aka iOS users would be able to use Polymail on their respective device. Also, previously, Polymail needed invitation to install the app but that thing is ditched with the launch of iOS edition.

Although, iOS has a beautiful and very useful email client called Apple Mail but still sometime you may need a different email client which has more features and does more things than Apple Mail. Having said that, there are many other email clients but Polymail is something different from all the others. Some features of Polymail make it even better email client for iOS. The best part is it is available for free.

Polymail for iOS Review

PolyMail for IOS

First thing first, the interface of Polymail is truly attractive and there is no doubt that developers have spent pretty long time to design this app. You will get a neat and clean user interface of Polymail. Talking about the features, Polymail does excel in different ways. Some of the most useful features are mentioned below,

  • Read receipt: It will help you to track whether someone has read your email or not. No matter, how many people get email from you, but you will still get the tracking feature for all of them. If you send single email to multiple recipients, you will get the timings separately.
  • Snooze email: Sometime, we get some email that is interesting but many not be important. Or, suppose you have got an email what you have to read minutely but you do not have much time on your hand. Therefore, you can just snooze the email accordingly.
  • Schedule email: Suppose, you want to wish someone on his/her birthday. But, you would not get time at 12am. Therefore, the simple way to wish at perfect time is schedule email. You can set any time and any date in the email and the email will be sent at correct time.
  • Universal Search: Let’s assume that you have added 3 email accounts in Polymail. Now, you want to search for something but you do not remember where to search. Therefore, you can simply make use of the search feature of this email client that will let you search in all accounts.
  • Detailed contact profiles: Do you want to check all the details about a recipient or any contact in your email account? You can simply opt for Polymail to get things done.

There are many more features of Polymail that can attract you for you. However, you have to use this email client on your iOS device.

The installation of Polymail is very straightforward. Just download and install this app and then, follow the screen option to set it up.

If you like the features of Polymail, you can download it from here.

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