Prisma – Simplest App to Add Art Work on Images

No matter, what device we use but you have to admit that all of us are photographers. More or less, we all are photographers and always try to make the portrait even better. Some people make images awesome using their capturing techniques when some people opt for high end image editing tools like Photoshop etc. Although, almost all people use image editing tools but it depends on the photograph that you have captured. We, as a photographer (may be, so-called photographer), always choose the simplest one when we know that if an image needs a professional touch, the tool has to be professional.

There are several tools available in the market. No matter, whether you have Windows PC, Mac, Android or iOS, you can easily find one good image editing tool to fulfil your requirements. However, what if you just need to add some art work like effects on your images so that it looks different and much professional?

Yes, many people use art work effect using various image editing apps in order to make the images cool. Art work effect is one of the oldest effect but still it is sprucing up our images till date. Now, if you own an iOS device and want to do so on the go, here is a simple app called Prisma. Prisma is a newly launched photo editing app for iOS, which is free and available for iOS 8.0 and later version. You can use this app on your iPhone, iPad as well as iPod Touch, which means it is going to be more useful for any kind of iOS user.

How to use Prisma on your iOS device?

Prisma is a very useful app that can help you to add art work on images but you cannot find loads of options in this app. This is because the developers want to concentrate on only one feature that is Art Work. There are 34 different types of art work available in this app, what can be obtains by any time for any image.

As there are not so options available for this app, you should not get any problem while using this app. There are only two things that you should learn. First, how to add or select image and second, how to add effects.

There are two ways to select an image. You can either capture an image and add effects or you can select one from your existing gallery or Photos. To do so, at first, install Prisma on your iOS device. After opening it, you will have to use the capture button to capture an image.

Prisma Start Screen

If you want to select one from existing gallery, just tap on the square button visible on bottom right corner. Following that, you will get a screen like this,

Add Effects to Images using Prisma

Now, you have to select an effect. Choose any one and select the intensity of the effect.

Prisma Photo Editing Tutorial

That’s it! At last, you will get option to share the image on social networking sites or save it in your phone.

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