How To Reply To WhatsApp Messages From Lock Screen

Whenever we get any message in WhatsApp, we get notifications in our smart Mobile. We need to tap on that notification, open the message and then reply to that. But, we can enable the pop-up notifications, which show the popup whenever we receive the message in WhatsApp. This has the facility to reply to the messages directly from your lock screen. There is no need to tap on the notification and open up the message. Even the device is locked, popup notification is shown. In order to enable this, click “Settings” and then choose “Notifications”.


Show Settings

Under this notifications section, look for “Popup Notification”. Tap on it and it shows the options for different types of popup notifications. You can choose the popup notifications when the screen if ON or when the screen is OFF. You can even choose the “Always show Popup”. Now, we need to choose this option for our requirement.

NotificationsAlways Popup

Once you enable this option, now you get popup notifications for every WhatsApp message you receive. On the lock screen itself, you will see the message and can reply directly from there.

Reply to first message

But, one thing here is, if there is more than one message and then latest message is shown on the lock screen. You can navigate through messages from the count shown on the top right corner of the popup notification. Navigate to the required message and can even reply to that from the lock screen itself.

show all mesages

Enable this in your WhatsApp if needed and please do share with us your feedback through comments.


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