YouTube Adds Support For Resumable Video Uploads

If your internet connection is slow and drops frequently, you might have noticed that uploading a video at YouTube gets truncated, when your connection drops. Lets say you are uploading a video of length 10 minutes but after a while, you find that the upload got stuck in the middle. One of the major reasons of failed video uploads at YouTube is because of a really sluggish internet connection which is terribly slow or drops and reconnects every other minute.

The problem here is that you have to upload the video all over again and there is no guarantee that the upload will complete this time. When your video is being uploaded, any disturbance on your internet connection would hang the video upload process in the middle. Power failure on your laptop is another situation when the video you are uploading ceases.

Thankfully, the YouTube team has pushed a minor update to its video uploader which now supports resumable video uploads of up to 15 minutes in length.

Starting today, you can resume an incomplete video upload at your YouTube channel in Firefox 4 or higher, Google Chrome or Internet Explorer. The upload progress will jump back to the point it was interrupted so you can upload the same video in multiple batches. This is a really great news for users who upload videos from open Wi-Fi access points or from connections that are terribly slow in nature.

Internet Explorer users will need Silverlight for the resumable video uploads to work while Google Chrome and Firefox users can enjoy this feature in the most recent version of the respective browsers. The following screencast shows how interrupted or partial video uploads on YouTube can be resumed, provided you don’t clear your browser cookies:

Note: If your browser’s privacy settings are set to automatically clear all cookies or cache on exit, the resume video upload feature might not work. No plugins, extensions or additional settings are required to enable resumable uploads feature on YouTube, as this update works out of the box.

Tip: Replace the background audio of a YouTube video without downloading it

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