How to Save Battery Life for Moto 360 Smartwatch?

Invest bundles of money into a smart watch and then complain about the power back up issues on the device? Well, it is a similar story for many of us in the tech space. We all love trying out new and wonderful tech devices but the one factor that seems to rank very high on our priority list comes the battery backup of the device. Each of us want to have devices that can go on for days on a single charge (how we wish) but end up connecting our smartphones and watches at least once a day. One of the most popular smart watches in the market today is the Moto 360. It is by far the best Android wear smartwatch today and while it does have a lot of issues, it does the job well.

Moto 360 box

Saving battery life is a concern for all, be it with smartphones or smart watches. The first update for Moto 360 has been released few weeks back and it provides a sigh of relief for Moto 360 users who want more from their smart watch’s battery. In this article, we shall check out the the method used to increase the battery life of Moto 360 smart watch.

One of the better features of the Moto 360 would be the presence of an ambient mode on the device. The screen continues to remain ON which means you can see the device without a turning gesture, but you can save power by just flipping the watch face down when you are not using the watch. The reason that such a feature has a lot of raves is because of the draining issues that come with the watch. While there are tonnes of positives that have come through the smart watch, one of the biggest flaws pointed out is the continuous draining of power. So, it is no surprise that Motorola focused on better battery life in it’s first update for this smartwatch.

Unpacking Moto 360 Android Wear

Tips to optimize battery life for Moto 360

The device puts the ambient screen off or puts it to sleep when you put your arm onto your side or in a position that does not allow you to see the watch – obviously, an added attempt to ensure better power savings on the smart watch. Using the same principle, the smart watch goes to sleep a couple of minutes after you place it face up on the table. This comes as a big help as the device wakes up and it does reset the sleep timer every time a new notification is made. This can be switched off by turning the phone upside down (or face down).

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The battery backup has improved through the last update of the Moto 360 smartwatch and this feature might be a big help. Normally, when the battery level goes below 15%, you will be able to turn the screen off & the ambient light mode is immediately relied upon so that more life is pulled from the device. Another important update is that you can see the face of the without dismissing a notification by just tapping on the screen, when you do this – the notification appears again only when another notification comes up.

The smart watch is a fantastic product if you wear it right and ensure you have a good battery bank when travelling. Keeping it charged before it dips into the 15% zone would always ensure better life of the battery and would help in the life span of the device. The ambient mode would help you retain that last bit of battery for longer and could be the vital bit of battery you need to get through the day. While it is getting a lot of raves for its amazing design and approach, this feature is bound to get plenty of users on board soon.

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