You Can’t Turn Off The Clutter Of Facebook Questions From News Feed

There are already hundreds of thousands of Applications, Games, events and other non human stuff already present on Facebook and responsible for cluttering up your news feed. They have a new companion from today onwards – Facebook Questions.

Facebook quietly launched it’s Questions feature earlier today which allows users to ask questions, participate in a question or follow a question. ny Facebook user can ask a question and get feedback from friends and other unknown people on Facebook (if they want to).

Block Facebook questions

The Problem With Facebook Questions

However, there is a slight problem with Facebook questions.

Whenever any of your friend answers a Facebook question, it’s shared on your news feed. And there is no way to turn off Facebook questions from news feed.

Which means, you can’t hide Facebook questions or remove Facebook questions from news feed in any way. Whenever any of your friends ask or answer a Facebook question, it’s going to appear in the news feed, forcefully.

This is not the case with Facebook applications, games and other stuff because users can selectively block Facebook applications in which they have no interest. The same is also true for Facebook application invites, Game invites and rest of the useless clutter.

While users can surely unfollow Facebook questions in which they have no interest but this is not going to stop the immense amount of clutter already present in their Facebook news feed. If you have a large number of friends on Facebook, you would see the effect of Facebook questions soon because most of the users will either ask a question, create a poll or answer a question and the updates will be thrown to your News feed.

As of now, there is no way to clock Facebook questions from news feed but we hope that someone develops a browser plugin or something which will hide Facebook questions with a CSS trick or something similar.

Facebook says the following:

As with other Facebook applications like Photos and Events, there is no way to turn off Questions.

Block Facebook Questions: Chrome Extensions And Firefox Add-on

If you really hate Facebook questions and want to get rid of it, here are two browser extensions that will help.

If you are using Firefox, install the FB Purity Firefox extension. This extension completely removes all instances of Facebook questions, Groups, notifications and other cluttered items from your news feed. Additionally, the extension will help you to revert back to older Facebook comment system and delete recent activity messages from your profile. The extension is also available for Google Chrome, Opera and Safari browser so it is a complete full featured browser plugin that gets the job done.

Another way to disable Facebook questions in Google Chrome is to use this extension. The extension does what it says, simply install it and all Facebook questions will be removed from your news feed and profile timeline. There is nothing to install and it just works out of the box.

Remove Facebook questions in Google Chrome

Do you know any way to permanently get rid off Facebook questions? Share your ideas in the comments section.

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