Remotely Uninstall Android Apps From Your Computer, iPhone Or Tablet Device

In my previous post, I told you how to install Android apps remotely from Android market (now Google Play Store) and how you can perform a compatibility check of the application before you actually install it on your device. One of the problems with uninstalling Android apps in bulk is that there is no way to remove multiple apps in one go, you have to recursively go through the same procedure, which is boring and takes away a lot of time.

Moreover, while uninstalling an application, sometimes my phone freezes and then I have to reboot it and wait until its ready.

Thankfully, Google Pla Store now lets you uninstall Android apps remotely from web interface or any other device connected to the internet. What this means is that now you can send an uninstall request remotely to your Google account and when your phone is connected to a Wi-Fi, 3G or GPRS account, Google will automatically process that request.

To remove multiple Android apps from your phone or tablet device, head over to the apps section of Google Play store, sign in to your Google account and switch to the “My Android Apps” section, as shown in the following illustration:

Uninstall Android Apps From Web Interface

The apps section will enlist all the applications and games that are currently installed on your Android phone or tablet or any other device running a version of Android operating system. To remove an app, simply hit the “Trash” icon placed just below the app and Google will receive your uninstall request.

When your actual device is connected to the Internet, the request will be received and the app will be uninstalled remotely.

The “My Account” page of Google Play Store lists all the apps currently installed on your Android device and it is very useful in knowing whether any app has a newer version available or not. If a newer version is available, you can click through to visit the app page and update your application directly from the web interface.

Remove Android Apps From Web Interface

So regardless of which device you are using at the moment, you can update or remove Android apps remotely from any computer, iPhone, iPad or any other device that is connected to your Google account.


  1. Dear, Thanks for the info. But I can’t see the small ‘delete’ icon for the app installed (and hence I can’t delete even a single app remotely) , it only just shows me what is installed. Any tip on that? thank you in advance!

  2. I couldn’t see it as well. My Phone was stolen and I was hoping this will help me.. Any other way to delete the app from web?


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