What To Expect From Android 6.0 Marshmallow

When all the mobile phone manufacturers are getting ready to provide the next Android update to their customers, Samsung has already published an infographic where they have mentioned some confirmed features of Android 6.0 Marshmallow. Recently, Google has named the upcoming version of Android. After, KitKat and Lollipop, Google has continued their tradition and as a result, they have named it Android Marshmallow.

Although, Google has not announced anything about the release date or anything else, yet, you can expect it later this year. Meanwhile, Samsung, the most promising Android mobile manufacturer has shown us some awesome and useful features, what users are waiting for.

What To Expect From Android 6.0 Marshmallow

App Permissions

When you need to download an app from Google Play to install any third party application, you must have to allow all the things, what an app is asking for. This seems awkward sometime since there may be some useful app for you but you do not want to share your personal info with that app. What does that mean? Suppose, you do not want to share your location information with any app. You would not have to worry in this upcoming Android version. At such moment, Android 6.0 aka Android Marshmallow will help you to check or uncheck particular permission as per your wish.

Track Memory Used By Apps

Although, current Android versions show a raw information, which users can use to track the memory usage by install apps, yet, that is not much useful. You need to open all the installed apps one by one to check how much memory is being used by any app. You can check the cache memory, installation memory etc. from the new Track Memory tab. This new Android M feature will help users to uninstall or remove all useless apps or apps, what are consuming most memory.

More Advance Finger Print Access

Although, Samsung has launched mobile with finger print support to lock or unlock your mobile, yet, that is very limited. You cannot do anything more than just locking or unlocking the mobile. But, in Android 6.0, finger print access is getting more useful alike iOS. You will be able to use your finger print to purchase anything from Google Play or use any other digital payment service. It will surely enhance the security since biometric data is more secure than password or PIN. Android must had to improve the security and this is probably the best thing what Google can do in Android M.

Auto Backup onto Google Drive

Generally, Android mobiles come with pre-installed Google Drive app. Google Drive itself is a great cloud storage that helps users to store various things including document, image, video etc. Though, users can auto backup images onto Google Drive but it was not possible to backup app data without rooting. However, that advance feature of rooted Android mobiles have just arrived to Android M. Now, users can store all the app data and mobile settings up to 25MB per app. This particular feature of Android M will help you a lot when you will switch your mobile.

Doze Mode – More Power Saving

Google is going to include a new feature called Doze Mode. Doze Mode is going to be viral since Android mobiles consume a lot of battery when you have more apps. There are some mobiles, which provide only 6-7 hours of battery backup. For them, who are worried due to this, Google will launch this option that will save more power and eventually provide you more battery backup. Doze Mode will be running in the background and check whether you are using your mobile or not. If you do not use your mobile, Doze Mode will reduce the background processes and will maximize the battery life.

Final Word

Android 6.0 aka Android Marshmallow is going to be more interesting after considering new features. Unlike Android Lollipop, Android M will be a huge success of Google. At the same time, Samsung has done it very well by letting us know about some very useful and interesting new features.

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