Best Free Wi-Fi File Transfer Apps for Android

What is the best and free Wi-Fi file transfer app for Android? Many people ask the same question over and over again. If you did a survey a few years back, we were using infrared for sharing files between one phone to another. Then Bluetooth arrived, which has been helping users to transfer files quickly. But the problem is you cannot transfer a file with a Gigabyte size. But, today that is not difficult at all, thanks to the up gradation of technology. All the smartphones come with a Wi-Fi network and Wi-Fi direct. These allow you to transfer photos and files and videos with the transfer speed of 3-4 Mbps. To use the Wi-Fi Direct for sharing files you don’t have be an expert. Therefore, check out these free Wi-Fi file transfer apps for Android those can send large files within moments.

Best Free Wi-Fi File Transfer Apps for Android

1. SHAREit- Transfer & Share

This application is most popular and speedy as compare to other Wi-Fi file transfer applications. The developer of SHAREit claims it transfers all kinds of the file with 200 times more speed than Bluetooth. It does not require any USB data usage on the internet to access. It is the fastest Wi-Fi File Transfer application in the world, and the highest speed goes up to 20Mbps. It brings another version for your PC which helps you to share photos videos music and the other files from your Android device and computer. For this reason, its choice over the world reached 600 Million over 200 countries. Download.

2. Xender


Xender is also one of the best applications help you to share files better over the Wi-Fi. You can share any type of files in any place at any time without using your mobile data. They claim over 100 Million files transferred daily basis with this software. You can play music and videos during the share. The highest speed it can be reached up to 10 Mbps. If you want to switch your old device with a new one, then you need not back up anything. This application will help you to share all of your SMS picture music videos game and any other file from your old phone in seconds. To get the application click on Download.

3. Zapya-File Transfer, Sharing


Zapya is one of the trending Wi-Fi File Transfer applications that just reaches 450 million users over the world wide for their fastest tool for cross-platform sharing and transferring. You can transfer file without a mobile data connection for Wi-Fi network. Transfer any files no matter the file format or the size. The developers also claim it has 200 times faster speed than Bluetooth. You can connect up to 4 devices to share multiple files for all the format simultaneously. You can also generate your own QR code to make instant share group start transferring and also for chatting offline. It also for you to make a pair of phones as a spy cam or wireless periscope easily. To Grab this application, click on Download.

I’ve always preferred to use SHAREit because it has fastest file transfer speed. There is no restriction, however, the file size. Hope this article will help you to choose best application transfer file over the Wi-Fi.

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