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Video to MP3 - MP3 Converter

Best Android And iOS Apps To Extract Audio From Video

There are many times when we download a video, but we want to get the audio so that we can keep listening to that song or speech with headphone. If you are using a computer, this is very easy since there is a couple of free and paid apps for Windows and Mac those will

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Lady at the airport

Best Apps To Spend Time At Airport

Nowadays, almost all people travel via airplane. It makes the journey time smaller and more comfortable, though you have to spend much more money than other available transport. If you often travel internationally via flight, chances are you spend a lot of time at the airport before getting the connecting flight. Some people often need

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Watch Movies Online for free: Best Android Apps

Whether it sounds legit or not but most of us love to watch movies online for free. Moreover, it brings in even a higher level of pleasure to us when we watch movies on Android for free. I know, the naysayers will smell something fishy in this idea but, I bet, it’s really hard to

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How to Use Android Phone as Webcam For Streaming on Your PC?

So, how to use Android phone as webcam? Yes. You are thinking that why would you need that in the first place? I bet, reasons are many. The first and the foremost reason to use android phone as a tool is to mother ‘user-generated content’. The consumer world trusts pretty much in those user reviews,

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10 Most Recommended Apps For Samsung Galaxy S10, S10+, S10e

You might have already got the news that Samsung launched four different mobiles to extend their “S” series and they are Galaxy S10, S10+, S10e, and S10 5G. Although the S10 5G won’t be available in most of the countries, you can purchase other three smartphones from being almost anywhere in the world. If you

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Best Calorie Counter Apps For Android And iOS

According to some reliable sources, an adult male needs more than 2000 calories every day to stay healthy and fit. Although a moderately active adult female needs quite less calorie than a male, there is not a huge difference. It doesn’t matter whether you want to gain or lose weight, if you want to be

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How To Download Apps Those Are No Longer Available In iOS App Store

How To Download Apps That Are No Longer Available In App Store

If you have a smartphone, chances are you have already downloaded some apps from the respective app store. However, many times the developers stop supporting their app and as a result, they pull their apps from corresponding app store. If you had an app on your phone, but the developers removed it from the app

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Nova Launcher

Best Android Launchers With Dark Mode

Android is famous for many reasons. For example, this is possible to sideload apps, install third-party launcher if you do not like the existing launcher and so on. If you are looking for a launcher that has dark mode functionality, do check out this article. In this article, you can find some of the best

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How to setup and run android 9 on PC? Ways to Do it.

After rolling out the first developer preview on March 2018, Google has finally introduced the latest Android operating system in August 2018. Most of the Android enthusiast has already rolled up their sleeves and finding new ways to run Android 9 on pc. Eventually, the latest Android OS(Android 9.0), nicknamed as Android Pie, has already

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Indoor Navigation App for Android: Why and How?

Have you heard about indoor navigation app or system? Have you ever stumbled to find the brand new food joint inside your favorite shopping mall? I bet, you felt that an indoor navigation or way finding app could serve you better. Right? Yes. Always, the situation gets a bit misty when you walk into large

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Android TV

8 Most Useful News and Sports Apps for Android TV

Right from 2014, Android TV has gained a huge success, and that is all because of the performance and availability of apps. You can install apps from Google Play Store for Android TV as well as sideload various apps those are not available on the official store. If you often read the news and check

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Select Frame rate in Filmic Pro

Filmic Pro Tips and Tricks to Be a Professional Videographer

If you do not have a DSLR camera, but you want to shoot videos with your mobile as a professional videographer, Filmic Pro is probably the best option for you. Although this is quite expensive as a mobile application, you will be amazed to find what it comes with. If you are a new Filmic

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How to Check if Your Android Mobile is Working Properly or Not

If you can call or text someone or you can open Facebook and WhatsApp on your Android mobile, it doesn’t mean that your Android mobile doesn’t have any problem. If you are using a pretty old Android mobile, you should run this check at least once a month so that you can be sure whether

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How to Download TikTok Videos on Android

TikTok (formerly Musically) is one of the most popular apps or platforms to share short videos. People can share dubsmash, song, dance moves and so on with the help of this platform. However, if you want to download TikTok videos on your Android mobile, you can certainly do that. Although there is an in-built option

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Android TV

Best Android TV Apps to Spruce Up the Experience

Android TV has always been smart since you get the option to install personalized apps so that you can perform various tasks that a normal TV cannot do. If you are an experience Android TV user, you might not need to guide. However, if you have recently purchased an Android TV for the first time,

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