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The internet is all about information.

Be it blogs, Facebook, forums or YouTube, you are actually looking for information in the form of content, photos, videos or other mediums.

Sometimes, finding the answers to your questions becomes really difficult and it appears that no website or blog has the perfect answer to your question. Maybe you have an idea which you want to discuss, or you want to fix a typical problem or want a simple suggestion. Fiddling through dozens of webpages might not solve the purpose, sometimes you need a human to answer your question or with whom you can discuss an idea or a thought.

Sure you have human “friends” on social sites like Twitter, Quora or Facebook but not everybody may be interested in your startup project or that they want to hear your absurd ideas.

That’s when you need a social chatting website built entirely for strangers –

Chat Or Discuss With Like Minded People takes a different approach to social chatting by allowing you to connect and chat with “Like minded people”. It’s not yet another “chat with online strangers” website but rather groups the users according to the subjects and topics they are interested in.

Chat with random strangers on specific topics

It works like this – you go to the website and post a question (no registration or signups are required). Once you have posted a question or a topic on which you want to discuss, the site will scan it’s existing user base and show relevant people results who might be interested in discussing on the same topic.

Next, you hit the “Let’s Talk” button and off you go. You are connected with an online stranger with whom you can discuss whatever you want, and stay anonymous at the same time. Cool !

Filtering results: The best thing regarding the anonymous chat portal is that you can filter strangers from a specific geographic location and talk with online strangers from a specific country or city. This is useful when you want to discuss on local issues and want to talk with local strangers online, rather than mumbo jumbo users from all over the web.

Talk with strangers fro a specific region

Another neat feature is the ability to filter strangers by keywords, this allows you to talk with people who are interested in the same topics as you.

Subscribe Or Follow a Discussion: Unlike other online chat portal for strangers, Anybodyoutthere stores the conversations and assigns a unique permalink to each discussion. All the anonymous discussions stay archived within the site which is useful in the sense that they might help other users who are searching for similar answers or discussions.

When you find a relevant discussion or an interesting comment thread, you can subscribe to the RSS feed of the topic and get automatic updates when other users reply to the discussion thread.


This is extremely useful, when you don’t have time waiting for the answers to kick in. Start a thread, invite other anonymous users and sit back for the answers to flow in overtime.

Signing up for a free account is entirely optional, although you get additional features e.g getting direct messages from other anonymous users. I really liked the trending topics and the recently commented section of Scanning through the recent questions gives you an idea about what’s currently popular and buzzing in the site so that you can jump into a discussion right away.

The company has three aims, in their own words:

    • To help users find the most suitable people to talk with
    • To provide users with an accurate, instant response to whatever may be on their mind.
    • To be everywhere! No matter whether via website, desktop or even mobile application, we want to be there in the form of button, widget or add-on giving you the chance to discuss whatever whenever.

Overall, if you are looking for a free chat portal to chat with online strangers, is simply perfect. Give this a try !

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