Technology has Replaced Our Wallet – here’s how

Technology is everywhere. I am writing this line using technology. Even you are reading it with the help of technology. This is not the era of technology. In fact, technology has a commiseration over civilization from the initial days. If there was no technology, this was impossible to discover different science laws and more others.

Wallet and Money

Technology has changed our lifestyle. Previously, we used to wait for the newspaper but now, we open our iPad to read morning newspaper. In this way, technology also replaced our wallets. Today, I am going to talk about few aspects of modern technology that make us wallet-free.

Google Wallet

Google Wallet

Hope you have heard this previously. If yes, you know how much useful it is and what can be done using this virtual wallet. Google Wallet is such a great features that is integrated in Gmail. This is available in some limited countries but everybody knows about it across those limited countries. Whenever, you need to give some money to your friend, relative to anybody else, you can simply send that just like an email. You can use your Debit or Credit card to send payment and the transaction fee is also minimum. The minimum fee is only $0.30 (2.9%) per transaction. The recipient would not have to pay a single cent for receiving money. In some countries, people are using it more than PayPal since PayPal deducted a lot of money during a successful money transfer.

Apple Pay

Apple Pay

This is yet another great payment system, which is introduced back in September 9 2014. The good news is, it is launched on October 16 at the Apple’s iPad and Mac event. As of now, Apple Pay is very limited. Only U.S. citizen can use this virtual wallet. You can get this Apple Pay on iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus etc. This is possible to make your payment using one touch. The most exciting thing is Apple do not record anything including your paid amount, place where you have made the payment and so on. More than 220k in the USA will be started accepting this payment system right after arriving this system to the market.

Online Ticket Booking

Just couple of years back, there used to be a huge crowd around the box office. However, the whole scenario is has been changed. Now, people do not rush to the box office to get the ticket of next film since almost all the multiplexes have their own website. Anybody can get the ticket of a particular day using online ticketing system. The same thing happens with other things like train ticket or even bus ticket.

Online Shopping

Whenever, any mobile or laptop company releases a new mobile or laptop, they choose various ecommerce websites to selling their products. Why? Because they know today’s busy people do not go to a shopping mall to purchase a mobile or laptop. What they do is they purchase their necessary products right from online shopping websites. There are tons of Ecommerce websites like Amazon, FlipKart, SnapDeal and more others. Most of the people consider to purchase anything online because they get decent discount, home delivery etc.

Credit Card

Online Recharge

Do you want to recharge your mobile? No, No. this is not battery recharge.

If you want to do so, head over to various online recharge website. In India, Freecharge and Paytm are the most popular online recharge websites out there. Free charge also provides a huge cashback offer on a minimum recharge. On the other hand, you can also head over to your bank’s official website if you have net banking. Generally, most of the banks offer this feature in various countries.

There are also some other places, where technology has captured the human need and replaced the wallet. Where do and don’t you use your wallet?

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