How to Export Android Call Log to Excel File

It doesn’t matter what you want to do, but you can always find an app suitable for your job if you are using an Android mobile. From editing videos to playing games, Google Play Store has everything for you. Not only Android but also, if you have a mobile, you might have seen that there is an option in your mobile that allows people to manage call logs, i.e., Missed call, Received call, Dialed Call, etc. If you are using an Android mobile and you want to export Android call log to Excel file, here is an app that does the same job. Learn more about this app and the technique.

Export Android Call Log to Excel File

There are many times when you need to export your call log. For example, if you are changing your mobile, you might get your contacts but not your call log. On the other hand, let’s assume that you for a company and you need to send the official call log to someone superior. At such moments, you can certainly use this app to do your job. Introducing Call History Manager, which is a quite popular and useful app that has been downloaded for more than 500k times.

Although this is a free app, it comes with some advertisements. To get rid of all the ads, you might need to pay Rs. 60 or $1. Talking about the features, it comes with the following functionalities-

  • Export call log: This is needless to mention that you can export 1000 days call log to a .xls file. Later on, you can open that file using Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets. However, your device must contain the 1000 days call log. Otherwise, it will export the stored log.
  • Call statistics: You can measure how much time you have spent on incoming calls, outgoing calls, etc. It changes the statistics based on the time frame.
  • Fake call: If you need to make a fake call, you can certainly set that up through this app.
  • Send backup through email: If you want to back up your call log and send the file to anybody, you can use the Email option to perform your task.
  • Restore: Not only backup, but also you can restore the call log in case you have deleted something mistakenly.
  • Blacklist: If you do not want to include someone in the call log, you can add the name or number of that person.

To start using this app, open the Google Play Store and download it from there. After opening, you need to allow this app to access phone calls and more. After that, you should find a screen something like this-

How to Export Android Call Log to Excel File

Click on the marked button to backup your call log. After that, click on the MAIL button to send the backup through email. In the Excel file, you can find some tabs like Name, Type, Number, Call type, Time, Duration, etc.

How to Export Android Call Log to Excel File

That’s it! Please note that this app has been removed from the Google Play Store. However, you can download this app from other third-party repositories. Before downloading from another source, you should verify the authenticity.

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