How to Lock Opened Windows, Running Programs And Minimized Apps

There may be times when you would like to lock and password protect program windows, running applications or a document you are currently working on. Here is an example case scenario at office, where you may want to avoid get caught by colleagues, your boss or maybe someone whom you don’t trust.

Example: You are working in a shared computer where more than one employees are allowed to use it, access files, check email or surf the web. You are working on something very private and want to ensure that noone else is able to see the content of the window or maximize it from the minimized position.

You don’t want to lock down the entire computer (in fact, you can’t). Instead, you are looking for something which can instantly lock a window with a keyboard shortcut and minimize the window to Windows taskbar. When someone else tries to maximize it, the program should ask for a password, which you have set up earlier.

Why Not Lock Down The Entire Computer Using The Keyboard Shortcut Win + L

Locking down the system is a good option but imagine the situation when every single person in the office knows the password of the shared computer. Worst thing is that you dont have administrative proviledges on that shard computer and thus you can never change the password of the current Windows user account.

Locking down the operating system won’t help as anyone can log back in and see which documents you were working on, what programs you have been using and which files you did modify in the last hour.

The solution here is to use Lockthis, a freeware utility which lets you lock specific programs and windows with a custom password of your choice. After installing the program, change the default password LockThis! to something you casn remember and it’s done. Lock program Windows with a custom password

Now, when any of your friends borrows your computer for a minute or two, use LockThis to lock open applications, documents and currently opened program windows. When your friend tries to maximize a window which you were working on, he/she will be asked to enter a password. Nice and simple!

See How LockThis Lets You Password Protect Minimized Apps And Windows

The following video by Techzilla completely demonstrates how LockThis can be used to lock minimized windows with a password:

Whenever you need to lock a program or window, use the simple key combination (Ctrl + Alt+ L) and the window which you choose next will be minimized and locked. The only downside found is the program may not work with your browser (Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer).

Important Notes:

1. Some users have pointed out that using LockThis on your download manager application (e.g Internet Download Manager, Download accelerator plus or Microsoft download manager), may pause the downloads. You might want to check with the most recent release of LockThis and see whether that works fine or not.

2. LockThis won’t password protect any browser. Be careful than sorry!

Tip: Restore desktop sessions in Windows

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