How to Make A New Gmail Account On Android And iOS

Although you can use an iPhone or iPad with a Gmail account, this is almost impossible to get a fully functional Android mobile without a Gmail ID. If you have got a new Android or iOS mobile and you do not have a Gmail account, you should follow this tutorial. Here is how to make a new Gmail account on Android and iOS device for free.

Undoubtedly, Gmail is the best email service in the market. No matter whether you want to use it for personal purpose or business, you can have a Gmail account on your mobile or computer to connect your people. There are several things about Gmail that help it stand out in the competitive crowd. Some of the best features of Gmail are spam protection, two-factor authentication, app compatibility, user interface, etc. If you have not got a Gmail account till date, this is probably the best time to opt for it instead of Outlook or something else.

As Android is a part of Google, it requires a Gmail ID to make the device complete. Without having a Gmail account, you cannot open the Google Play Store to install apps, synchronise notes, contacts, calendars, etc. Although it is possible to get substitutes to them, those apps make things easier for a regular mobile user. On the other hand, if you have an iOS device and you want to opt for Gmail instead of something else, you can check out this tutorial. This following step by step guide will be helpful when you want to create a Gmail account on mobile, but you do not have access to a computer.

Making a Gmail account is very easy and meaningless to mention that Gmail is free to use. You can spend money to grab more storage on Google Drive, but that is not mandatory for all. Also, the steps are precisely the same for Web, Android, and iOS. Therefore, if you know the process to create a new Gmail ID on your computer, you can perform the same steps to get it done on your mobile. For your information, we have attached screenshots of an iOS mobile, but you can perform the same thing on your Android phone.

How to Make A New Gmail Account On Android And iOS

To make a new Gmail account on Android and iOS mobile, follow these steps-

  1. Open a browser and go to website.
  2. Click on the Create account button.
  3. Fill out the form with the required information
  4. Start using a new Gmail account

To know more, you need to keep reading.

At first, you have to open a browser on your mobile and make sure that you are not signed in to your existing Gmail account. If yes, you need to sign out from that account first and then perform these steps. To verify that, you can try to open your Gmail account. If it is opening your Inbox, you need to sign out from that account. Then, visit the website called

On this website, you can find a button called “Create account.” This option will let you create the account for you. After clicking this button, it will ask you whether you are creating an account for yourself or your business. If you choose the business, you have to get a domain. However, if you want to get a email ID, you need to select the first option called “For myself.”

How to Make A New Gmail Account On Android And iOS

Then, it will show you a form where you have to enter some required information. For example, you have to enter your name, username, password, etc.

How to Make A New Gmail Account On Android And iOS

Once you enter them, you will have to verify a recovery method. For example, you can use your phone number or another email ID. This will be used if you forget your password or something like that.

Security Notes For Gmail:

  • Always use two-factor authentication in your Gmail account. It will let you add an extra layer of security so that others cannot use your account by guessing the password.
  • Always use a strong password. Do not use your name, birthday, your pet’s name, school name, location, etc. Try to use a password generator to generate a strong password.

That’s it! Now you can start using your Gmail ID for your work.

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