Google Chrome Extensions

Evernote’s Chrome Extension Makes Web Clipping Easier: Search The Web And Your Notes Simultaneously

Evernote has pushed a major upgrade to their Chrome extension, which adds a good number of features to Evernote’s note taking inventory. Here is a brief rundown of newer features added to Evernote for Chrome and how it can be used for quicking saving entire webpages directly to your Evernote account.

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Power Twitter For Google Chrome Adds Useful Features To Twitter’s New Interface

Twitter’s new web interface has been there for quite some time now. Although more enhanced than the older Twitter UI, the newer Interface of Twitter still lacks a couple of features which should have been incorporated anyways.  Common features like uploading photos, shortening links, expanding the short URL’s and inline media streaming is still missing

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Buffer Lets You Schedule Tweets In Bulk, At Particular Time Of The Day

Scheduling is an important word in the dictionary of any web worker. You can’t be online 24 hours a day, there are times when you won’t be present in front of the computer and want to schedule emails, tweets, blog posts and other routine jobs. There are so many Twitter tools out there but only

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The Best Screen Capture Tools And Extensions For Google Chrome

Here is a list of best screen capture tools and extensions for Google Chrome which we love using and recommend to our readers

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Bring More Relevancy To Your Twitter Timeline With My6Sense

If you are the type of  person who follows hundreds and thousands of Tweeples, you know how “noisy” the entire Twiter experience can get. It’s very difficult to consume information from Twitter, if you follow a large number of sources, blogs, social media channels and aggregators who tweet “breaking stories” Overtime, your timeline gets filled

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Proxlet Blocks Annoying Tweets, Retweets, HashTags And Spam Mentions On Your Twitter Timeline

If you use Twitter all day long for connecting with friends, staying up to date with current trends happening in your niche, find interesting and breaking stories – you may know how annoying the entire “Tweet” experience can get.

Here is a Google Chrome extension called Proxlet, which lets you turn off or block annoying retweets and spam mentions. Permanently.

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Best Alarm Clock, Stopwatch And Timer Countdown Extensions For Google Chrome

It’s a good idea to install a time alarm extensions in Google Chrome and track the amount of time spent on various tasks e.g web browsing, checking email, playing online games etc.

The following is a list of some of the best countdown timers, alarm clocks and stopwatch extensions for Google Chrome browser:

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Add a Mini GrooveShark Player To Google Chrome : Control Playlists From Any Tab

One of the problems with Grooveshark is that you have to keep Grooveshark running in a browser tab. If you have the habit of working with multiple browser tabs and use more than 20 tabs at any given point of time, finding that particular Grooveshark window can be a hassle.

SharkZapper is a Chrome extension which lets you control Grooveshark player from any open tab of Google Chrome.

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Clear Browser Cache and Browsing History in Google Chrome

Often you would want a one click solution to clear your browser cache or browsing history. We have seen ways to clear browser cache in Firefox – whether it be flushing the whole cache or clearing the browsing history for a particular website. When You Should Clear Your Browser’s Cache And Cookies ? Before, deleting

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