Share PowerPoint presentation on social network using Social Share

Share PowerPoint Presentation on Social Network Directly

PowerPoint is a rich video creation tool developed by Microsoft and available with Office package. The latest version of PowerPoint comes with some new and unique enhancements. The most interesting thing is these Microsoft Office package apps including PowerPoint support third party extensions or plugins, what can upgrade your regular experience. On the other hand,

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How to Automatically Create PowerPoint Charts From an Excel Data Set

Microsoft Office is touted as a complete, integrated office productivity suite. Sometimes though there is a great deal of manual copy, paste and format involved, particularly when working with large data sets. This is where macros come in. Macros can greatly reduce or even eliminate repetitive tasks.

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How to Save And Export All Images Of A PowerPoint Presentation

You can extract all the images from a Powerpoint presentation file to a local folder in your computer. Just export the presentation in HTML format and it’s done.

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