5 Best Photo Editing Apps For iOS 8

iOS 8 has been very good at camera with lot of extensions. This helps iOS 8 users to perform edits directly from the Photos app itself. There is no need of any external photo editing apps, if you are going for basic photo editing like applying filters, red eye corrections and more. But, if you are looking for more features or want to do basic editing in a different way, then there are many photo editing apps for iOS 8 with the support of extensions, but we got you the list of 5 best among them.

iOS 8 Best Photo Editing Apps

  With these photo editing app for iOS8, you can do all editing of photos at once place itself. These apps makes the editing easy with just few clicks. Some of them might be for free and some of them might be paid, but it is worth spending for these apps. Let us start looking in to the list.

  1. Afterlight

Afterlight provides tools and editing options which can be easily applied to photo. It provides you multiple filters and you can apply them based on your choice. Apart from providing filters, it shows you the tools for correction and textures. Just try to use it with the integration of default correction tools of your iPhone and you can get maximum use of Afterlight. It also supports saturation, highlights adjustment and many more. All these tools and options are of much use, if you want to edit the photo in every way you want. It is available for $0.99.

After Light photo editing app for iOS 8

  1. Camera+

Camera+ for iOS 8 has best features which are expected form the best photo editing app. You can set the mode of camera based on the time you are using it. It supports various scene modes like Sunset, Beach, Portrait and more. Camera+ keeps all your shots in the light box which can be used to remove all bad snaps easily and have your Photos app only god shots. It also allows you to share the photos over many websites and also will sync with your cloud services and other devices. It has an intelligence to suggest you the best changes to be done based on the photo quality. It is available for $2.99.

Camera+  photo editing app for iOS 8_1

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  1. Litely

Litely is best known for it’s filters. It is also said to be the finger-friendly app which allows to edit the photos on finger tips. It is easy to drag on the photo and edits are quick. You can adjust the brightness, sharpness and many more for photos. It provides you 4 smart adjustments like Exposure, Sharpness, Vibrance and Composition. It also supports packs which needs to be added to access more features. It also supports screen splitting, cropping photos and many more easily. It is for free of cost.

Litely photo editing app for iOS 8_1

  1. Effects Studio

Effects Studio allows you to use filters, shades and many more features to make your photos look attractive. You can place one photo on the other images which can be acted as background and gives you the photo a unique look. Few filters can be easily applied with just few taps. Blur and focus can be done with circle, rectangle, normal and band shapes. It supports both custom and standard filters. You can add text on images and can even draw with your fingertips. It is available for $0.99.

Effects Studio photo editing app for iOS 8_1

  1. Halftone 2

Halftone 2 has all features for editing photos as discussed above,  but the important feature because of which it made the entry to the list of best photo editing apps for iOS 8 is, it allows users to create comic book with group of photos. You can add captions to various images and can put many images on a single page or multiple pages. You can set different background for different pages. You can even add thought balloons, speech balloons and more to images which is most important for preparing a comic. It is available for $1.99.

Halftone 2 photo editing app for iOS 8_1

These are 5 best photo editing apps for iOS 8. Even though 3 of them are paid apps, they are worth buying. If you have any more apps to add to the list? Please, do share with us through comments.

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