5 Cydia Apps You Need After Jailbreaking your iPhone

iPhone or any iOS device is much popular among geeks. Apple has built a profitable business in just few couple of years. This is due to their product quality and extremely engaged user base throughout the world.


Even so, after couple of years of launching the earliest iOS device, today, two terms are really trending between power iOS users, who always seek to want to do something more using their regular device. Those two terms are jailbreak and Cydia. Jailbreak is something like Android Rooting. Much like that, Jailbreak enables you to obtain more apps from third party resources and predominantly it unlocks your iPhone for working with third party apps those are not available in the App Store.

Therefore, you can download plenty of free apps from third party app stores, which is quite impossible for non-jailbrokon iOS device users. Cydia is just an app store, where you can get numerous apps at no cost. You should also know that Cydia is not available on the official app store. You may get it with various jailbreaking tools such as Pangu.

Anyway, here are a few Cydia apps you can download after jailbreaking your iPhone so it will be a super-phone. Let’s look into the list.

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CCHide refers to Control Center Hide. This is one of the best Cydia apps that will help you to customize your Control Center that comes with iOS 7 and later versions. You know that Control Center displays various icons including WiFi, Bluetooth, Synchronize, AirPlay, Music Player, Brightness changer and so on. By using this app, you can show/hide any particular option by just one tap.



This seems to be the perfect app for power internet users. Those, who use internet from their iOS device and always confront various problems on websites due to blatant advertisements, here is the actual solution. Let me explain it in simple words. Have you used AdBlock or AdBlock Plus in your Google Chrome browser on your PC? If YES, you know how it is. If NO, here is the concise explanation. AdBlocker does exactly what it says. That simply implies that you can block advertisements those are being displayed on any website while browsing. By using this Cydia app, you can save some bandwidth too.



If you are a core iOS user, you might have tried Springtomize 2 on your iPhone. Isn’t it? HiddenSettings7 works quite same as that app. You can download this brilliant iPhone personalization app from the official Cydia repository. By making use of this little yet complex Cydia app, you can change various things including Icon animation, app slider, folder icons.

On the other hand, you can also customize the parallax effect of iPhone, customize Control Center and do more other things. However, before making any change, you must know what you are doing. Otherwise, you will mess up everything.



Nowadays, everyone should have a great security suite to protect your device from unwanted people. iCaughtU is the perfect app for this current circumstances. You can easily download iCaughtU on your iPhone from Cydia repository. What is does is simply brilliant. It can help you to capture and send a photo of the person, who will enter wrong passcode to unlock your iPhone. You will be notified via email with the picture of that person that will have captured through front camera.


If you have installed any unnecessary Cydia app on your iPhone and would like to remove it, here is a solution. Although, you can also erase any Cydia package right from the Cydia app, but here is yet another app that will let you do the same thing quite faster. You do not have to open Cydia app to delete any Cydia package from your iPhone. CyDelete will let you delete any installed Cydia app from your iPhone within seconds.

Bottom Line

There are hundreds of other apps available for jailbroken iOS device. However, I have mentioned only five of them. These are the most popular Cydia apps those are being used by so many iOS development gurus.

What is your favorite Cydia app for jailbroken iPhone?

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