How to Change Default Search Engine of Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge is an upcoming web browser, which will be included into Windows 10. Although, the preview builds come with Microsoft Edge but these versions have less features and this is expected to get even more features in the final release. According to a report, Microsoft Edge is faster than any other web browsers those are available right now.

The new tab page of Microsoft Edge contains a search bar along with some tiles that show current news. Whenever someone makes search for anything using that search bar, Bing opens up against that search query.

How to Change Default Search Engine in Microsoft Edge

This is because, Bing is set as default search engine or search provider of Microsoft Edge. Although, Microsoft’s native search engine is quite good but most of the people use Google even when it tracks every single user. Anyway, Bing is losing it’s popularity day by day. As this new web browser is a Microsoft product, they have certainly set Bing as the default search engine.

Nevertheless, this is possible to change the default search engine of Microsoft Edge. You can set any search engine as your default search provider, if you have decided to use only Microsoft Edge. This is possible to set Google, Yahoo and even Wikipedia as your default search provider.

Change Default Search Engine of Microsoft Edge

These simple steps can easily let you change default search engine of Microsoft Edge. There is no security risk, no Registry tweak and no Group Policy tweak since Microsoft has included this option as a user-friendly manner.

To change the default search engine in Microsoft Edge, at first open Microsoft Edge and open a search engine (i.e. Google, Yahoo etc.). Then click on the Options button that looks like three dots. After that, click on the Settings.

Microsoft edge settings

Therefore, scroll down and click on View advanced settings.

Advanced settings in Microsoft edge

Again, scroll down and find out Search in the address bar with.

Add new search engine microsoft edge

By default, you will get only Bing in the drop-down menu. Just click on the drop-down menu bar and Add New button respectively. Following that, you will get the opened search engine on the list under Choose One option.


Click on one search engine and Add as default button respectively.

Now, you are done. After doing the last step, whenever you will make any search through the new tab page’s search bar, your search query will be made by Google.

Final Word

As of now, Microsoft has included this option in the newest build of Windows 10. But, Windows Phone 10 is lacking of this option. Hope they will add one such option in stable version of Windows 10 for PC as well as Mobile. On the other hand, this is a useful option since not all the people use Bing as default search provider.


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