Google Keep – The Latest Note Taking Service From The Google Stable

When iGoogle was launched, Google had a note taking service called Google Notebook that let users take note while they do research on the websites being surfed. But in July 2012, Google shut the service as part of it’s efforts to focus on few projects. But few days ago, there were leaks of purported resurrection of the note taking service that is integrated with Google Drive. Today Google has officially launched the service under a new name – Google Keep.

Google Keep is a simple note taking service that is integrated with Google Drive. All the notes that you put are stored in Google Drive and can be accessed in multiple devices. Head to to check out your new keep.

Google Keep - List View

The service is simple and pretty basic. You can start writing a note straightaway by typing in the note taking textbox. Once you have typed your note, click done and the note appears in the list. With the note, you can do a few things like add a title to the note, change the color background, add a todo list, even insert photos to the note (multiple images can be added to one note). As I said, it’s pretty basic, nothing fancy here.

You can to choose to have a List View or Grid View for all your notes. The notes are neatly arranged whichever view you select. You can edit the existing notes by simply clicking on the note. Additionally you can mark the checkbox next a todo-list item to check it off when you have completed the task. You can also choose to archive or delete any note.

Google Keep - Grid View

Google have also launched the Android app for Google Keep. The app features the similar Google Now like card style interface that we now see with almost all the Google products. You can create a note similar to the desktop counterpart, like creating a todo-list or inserting an image. What’s more, you can also add a voice recording to your note. The app supports swipe gestures to archive a note.

Google Keep - Android  Google Keep - New Note

Google Keep also has a widget to quickly add notes. On phones with Android 4.2 or greater, a lockscreen widget is also available for you take notes instantly from the lockscreen itself.

Google Keep - Lockscreen Widget

As it stands right now, Google Now is a very basic note taking service that lets you store a note, todo-list, photos, voice recording on Android devices and has some nifty features that does the job well. But the functionality is limited with pros in mind, especially when compared to seasoned note taking apps like Evernote, which has some really great features. But for those who just wants a simple note taking app that is tied to one of the popular office web app, Google Keep is an ideal solution.

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