How to Fix Error 920 in Google Play for Android

Google Play is the heart of Android since it helps Android users to download apps, games, eBook and more other things. Whenever someone needs something, he/she just heads over to Google Play and install the corresponding app or game. This is as simple as that. However, sometime, Google Play may show different errors. For example, you can get Error 920, which is pretty common in these days.

Generally, custom ROM users get this issue. But, there is no guarantee if it will be occurred on stock ROM users or not because it depends on various things. Anyway, if you are getting error 920 problem while downloading an app or game, here is a solution. Although, there is no particular solution of this problem since one fix works for some people, when that doesn’t work for another. This is why here are some possible solutions of error code 920 in Google Play for Android.

Google Play Store download error 920

Turn off your internet connection and try later

This is the first thing I personally tried before 2 or 3 months and it worked smoothly. Sometime, there may have some internal problems in your mobile to connect to Google Play Store and that is why you can get such issue. Therefore, this is a silly solution but it works sometime. You can also try a different internet connection or Wi-Fi network.

Delete all Google Play Data

Sometime, you can confront this problem due to cache or something else. Therefore, this is a good practice to remove cache and restart Google Plat Services so that it can gather all information from the start. To do so, just open “Apps” under “Settings” and find out “Google Play Services”. If you have ever downloaded any update of Google Play Services, you can get it in “Downloaded” tab. Otherwise, you will get it in “All” app section. Following that, just clear the cache and search data for a fresh new start. For some users, these options may come out as “Clear Data” and “Clear Cache”.

Use different Google account

This is yet another solution to fix error 920 of Google Play for Android. There are many users, who have considered it as a solution. Although, the reason behind this solution is still not familiar with the public but it works. You can simply try this out. You just need to remove your existing Google account from your mobile and add a new Google account. If you do not have second Gmail ID, you can create another. It doesn’t take more than one minute. If you do not want to create another email ID, try to remove and re-add the existing account.

Restart your mobile

This is a common solution of any problems of your mobile. Therefore, the same solution can be fruitful at this situation as well. Sometime, some unwanted processes start running in the background. Hence, some files get temporary block and eventually users get such issue. Therefore, you can restart your mobile to solve this issue.

Install apps remotely

This is possible to install Android apps/games remotely through PC. For that, you need to open Google Play Store from PC and sign in to your Google account that is added in your mobile. Therefore, you can choose any app/game and hit the “Install” button. Your app will start installing on your Android mobile.

So, you can try these solutions. At least one will work for sure. As they are no so difficult to try, there should not be any problem.

If you are getting Error code 24, here is the solution.

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