Increase The Font Size of Firefox Address Bar, Toolbars And Menu Bars

While browsing the web on a laptop or netbook, sometimes I have problems reading the small fonts in Firefox URL bar. The default font size of Firefox toolbars and URL bar is way lower than normal which makes it really difficult to read web addresses. If you’re looking for a way to increase the font size of Firefox address bar, toolbars or overall word size, this tutorial is for you.

Increasing the Font Size of Firefox Address Bar

The font size of Firefox address bar is small and this can be a really big problem for people who have vision problems or have poor eyesight. You can however increase the font size of Firefox address bar using Address Bar Bigger Firefox add-on.

Simply install the add-on and restart Firefox for the changes to take effect.  You would see that the URL text has grown bigger, as shown in the following image:

Increase the font size of Firefox address bar

Increased Font size of Address bar text

The add-on modifies Firefox CSS element and adds an overridden value for the URL bar text. All in all, this add-on only changes the font size of Firefox address bar text and not that of Firefox status bar, search box or any toolbars. The author of this add-on says that he is planning to add custom font sizes to the address bar plugin. It would also be a good idea to add support for custom font types such as, Verdana, Calibri and Georgia.

Manually Increasing the Font Size of Webpages in Firefox

Some websites are designed using peculiar themes with low font sizes. Using small fonts makes it very difficult to read, so you should know this simple way to increase the text size of webpages in Firefox.

No, you do not require to install a browser plugin or another add-on for this simple purpose. All you have to do is remember this small Keyboard shortcuts, as defined below:

  • Control ++ : Increases the font or word size of text in webpages
  • C0ntrol — :  Decreases the font size of text in webpages.

Increasing the Font size of Firefox Menu Bar And Toolbars

Theme Font & Size Changer is an excellent Firefox add-on which lets you choose the font family of Firefox address bar, toolbar, menu bar and other UI elements. If you are using a large computer monitor and find that Firefox fonts and sizes are too small, it is advised to use this browser add-in and customize the different user interface elements of this amazing browser.

Once the add-on has been installed, restart the browser and go to the add-on options. There you can choose a custom font size for Firefox status bar, Firefox tools menu, settings and other panels. Bigger fonts in the address bar have a couple of advantages. First, you can read the URL’s more easily. Second, if you take a lot of screen shots or screen casts of the browser and want to highlight the address bar, this add-on is a must.

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    This app no longer works in the latest Firefox browser. Firefox has disabled it permanently.

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