Heavy Computer User? Protect Your Vision Reminds You To Take Frequent Breaks

eye-strainDo you use computers for more than 4 hours a day ? Do you spend a lot of time surfing, chatting, emailing or doing other important or not so important things on the web, every single day ? 

Spending long hours staring at the computer monitor can cause eye fatigue, blurred vision, headaches, dry or irritated eyes. The worst thing is that you might become a victim of CVS – computer vision syndrome, if you continue staring giant monitors for years.

We have earlier discussed some eye care tips for computer users who work for long hours in front of the computer and feel stressed out at the end of the day. So if you really care about your precious eyes, hit up the link to learn more.

However, if you are the type of person who needs something to set as a reminder for routine breaks, here is a nifty little website which might help.

ProtectYourVision can help remind you to relax a little when you have worked for a long time in front of the computer and your eyes feel dry and burned out. The website can send sound alarm after predefined time intervals set by you, thus reminding “It’s time for a break”


It works like this – go to ProtectYourVision.org and choose a theme for the timed interval alarm. Keep the site open in one of the tabs and continue working where you were working earlier. When you hear the sound alarm from Evo (the robot), fall back to the ProtectYourVision site and Evo will recommend you some eye exercises, as shown below:

Eye care exercises for computer users

Eye Gymnastics For Computer Users: Some Tips From Evo

Here is what Evo, the robot suggests as eye care exercises when you feel stressed out after working for long hours in front of the computer:

Exercise 1: Move your eyes up and stay;like this for around 1 second (do not move your head). Look straight and later, move your eyes down and stay like this for 1 second (remember not tomove the head again). After that, look straight ahead again. Duration:30second-1 minute.


Exercise 2: Move your eyes to the left and stay like this for around 1 second ( do notmove your head). Then look straight ahead and move your eyes to the right and stay like this for 1 more second. After that, look straight ahead again. Duration: 30 second – 1minute.


Exercise 3:   Move your eyes circularly and after every circle, loom straight ahead. Duration: 30 second – 1 minute.

Exercise 4:   Visualize the number 8 and move your eye pupils in the order of the number 8. Do not move your head. Duration: 30 seconds-1 minute

Basically, there are three break rules which you can make use:

1. 20-20-20-Rule: This is as simple as it can get. After every 20 minute of computer activity, take a break for 20 seconds and focus on any object placed at least 20 feets away. It’s nearly impossible to remember the 20-20-20 rule and work upon it, hence setting the timed alarm for 20 minutes at ProtectYourVision will help remind you that’ you should now opt for a break and relax a little. My personal favorite.

2. 60-5 Rule: This is for long breaks which you should take after each hour of computer activity. Set an alarm for one hour and when you hear an alarm, completely leave your work desk and take a break for 5 minutes. Return back to your computer desk after 5-10 minutes and you will be surprised to see how refreshed you feel and the effect on your working efficiency.

3. Custom Rule: There is another custom break rule where you can define a custom timed interval for scheduled breaks. Works great for “planned people” but personally I would stick to the 20-20-20 rule as it involves frequent short term breaks.

The only downside is that there is no browser extension or bookmarklet available, so you have to keep the browser tab open all the time. Otherwise, the site is very user friendly and simple to use, free from advertisements and other distractions.

What about you ? Do you have any tips, suggestions or tools for protecting your eyes from computer vision syndrome, caused by heavy computer usage ? Let our fellow readers know your thoughts and ideas in the comments section.

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