Enable Two-step Authentication In Firefox Account From The Web

How To Enable Two-step Authentication In Firefox Account

Firefox is one of the best browsers in terms of security and user experience. Google Chrome is another similar browser, and it depends on personal preference, whether you should install Chrome or Firefox. Like Google Chrome, you can synchronise your browsing history, bookmarks, etc. in Firefox as well. For that, you have to get a

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EQ – Audio Equalizer

Best YouTube Sound Equalizer Extension for Chrome And Firefox

Undoubtedly, YouTube is one of the best and most popular video streaming websites out there. No matter whether you want to listen to some soft music or learn how to cook something, you can find something related to that on YouTube. There are many people, who play music on YouTube while travelling or working from

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How To Manage Saved Passwords In Safari

How To Manage Saved Passwords In Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari

If you have saved a lot of passwords in any of these popular browsers and you want to manage all the saved passwords in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Apple Safari do check out this article. Although it is not recommended to save the password anywhere in the browser, many people do it

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Google Chrome and Firefox are Not Responding on Windows 10/8/7

Google Chrome and Firefox both browsers are widely used all over the world. Both of them perform pretty good on Android as well as on Windows. However, if you are using them on these platforms but they are showing errors like ‘Not Responding’, Screen Hanging or Freezing; here are some tips and tricks which will

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Want to Concentrate on Work? Use These Firefox Extensions

When it comes with browser security, Firefox always tops the list. Although people need to pay for getting internet access, they waste their money and time on various addictive websites such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and so on. If you are one of them and you want to utilize your time in a better way,

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Nimbus Best Extensions to Capture Screenshots in Chrome and Firefox

Best Extensions to Capture Screenshots in Chrome and Firefox

Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are an equally awesome web browser, and they can do almost everything without any issue. Let’s assume that you are a blogger and you want to capture some screenshots within the browser. At such moments, you can try out these extensions to capture screenshots in Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

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Super Dark Mode Best Mozilla Firefox add-on to enable dark mode

Best Google Chrome and Firefox Extensions to Enable Dark Mode

It doesn’t matter what you do with your computer; it is really important to have a very low brightness or dark mode when you use your computer in a low light area. To get rid of blue light and eye strain, you should use dark mode. Although the latest version of Mac has included Dark

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Browser Opening An Unknown Page At System Startup

Is Your Browser Opening An Unknown Page At System Startup? Here is The Fix

The other day I ran into a very strange problem. Whenever I restarted my computer, the web browser would open automatically and a particular group of websites would start loading on their own. Regardless of whether I used Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Firefox, these pages would load and open multiple pop-up windows bombarded with

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Top 10 Firefox for Android Tips and Tricks to Browse Freely

Mozilla Firefox is one of the best web browsers that has been used by thousands of people from across the globe. No matter whether you have a slow internet or limited bandwidth, Firefox can be fit in every situation with best quality. The recent few updates of Firefox have this browser even better. Among the

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Ghostery Firefox Add-on lets You Manage All Trackers

Firefox is probably the best web browsers when it comes to secure web browsing on a great user interface. You can browse any website and Firefox will perform same on all those sites. Nowadays, thousands of trackers have been launched to track your browsing behavior and offer better advertising or tailor search results. Although Firefox

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Pick & Save Images Firefox Add-on Saves All Images from Any Web Page

Sometimes, we get some web pages, where we want to download all images from. For example, you have visited on a wallpaper download website, and you want to download all the wallpapers visible on a web page at once. Alternatively, let’s assume that you have visited on a quote download web page and the page

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Top 5 Add-ons for Firefox for Android

Firefox is indeed an excellent web browser that helps users get a better user experience while browsing the internet. It doesn’t matter whether you want to browse some websites or download something, Firefox can assist you in everything. Unlike Chrome, you can install loads of add-ons on Firefox for Android. Whenever you are in need

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save buffered videos from browser cached files

How to Save Buffered Videos from Browser Cached Files -Chrome & Firefox tips

In earlier times, YouTube and other websites which provided online videos could only be viewed through active AV streaming. But, it was horrible to watch those videos in some countries like India where Internet speed is very slow. But, today it is possible to save buffered videos from browser cached files, how? Today, where some

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How to Completely Block Websites In Internet Explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome

You can completely block a certain website in your computer using the Windows hosts file. But this isn’t one of the easiest techniques to block a website, you have to repeatedly open the Windows hosts file from My computer > Windows > System 32 > drivers >etc > hosts. This is how the default hosts

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Everything You Should Know About Firefox OS 2.5 Dev Preview

If you are familiar with Chrome OS, then you might already have an idea how a browser can turn into an operating system. Google introduced Chromebooks running Chrome OS inside delivering a fresh experience while using it. Being light and secure, Chrome OS came with lot of options such as Google Drive for cloud integration,

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