Top 3 More Secure Communication Apps than WhatsApp

As far as security is the main concern for you, WhatsApp cannot be the primary communication app to consummate your demands. Although, WhatsApp was acquired by the social media giant, Facebook, but still it is not as much secure as you think of.

What make WhatsApp so precarious?

After completing the acquisition, WhatsApp has rolled out some features to make your account more secure and privacy brawnier. However, the “Read Receipt” manager and some other things are not plenteous to upgrade the security level where it should be.

Top 3 More Secure Communication Apps than WhatsApp

For every communication building service and application, the subsistence of minimum security layer is not adequate to provide a better communication. Rather, all the instant messaging services should have an end-to-end encryption so that their users can feel safe.

An end-to-end encrypted communication is something that doesn’t disclose any private data stored in the server at any cost. For example, MegaChat, which is contend with Skype. But, when it comes to the security ingredient of WhatsApp, it doesn’t stand out from the crowd.

According to a security research of The Electronic Frontier Foundation, this harsh truth has debunked. As per the documentation of this security foundation, WhatsApp has the subsequent issues that can reveal users’ data,

  • WhatsApp is not an en-to-end encrypted instant messaging system aka communication app. The WhatsApp authority has the consent to read users’ conversations.
  • This is not possible to verify users’ identities. Hence, anybody can send you and spam you on WhatApp, who is having your mobile number. There is nothing to do from your side.
  • Although, WhatsApp is a partially free communication medium, but still the source code is not opened for everyone. Only few security authorities have the access to use the source code for security a check in. Hence, you do not know what is being sent to the WhatsApp server during a conversation.

This is just the starting. The EFF has got more other serious issues in WhatsApp service and app.

Therefore, if you are little bit scared off due to these security loopholes, here are some best alternatives to WhatsApp to communicate with friends in a more secure way.

Top 3 more Secure Communication App than WhatsApp

Here are some popular end-to-end encrypted communication apps those are available for different platforms. Do check them out.

Silent Text – Secure messages


Silent Text comes up at the first position because of the unavailability of any backdoor. According to EFF, Silent Text is one of the best secured communication app, which is available for Android and iOS. Silent Phone is developed by Silent Circle, the developer of Silent Phone, a premium encrypted phone call provider. You can send any file up to 100 MB. Apart from common features, you should know that the Silent Circle authorization is not approbated to read your conversations.

On the other hand, it uses a verification protocol to elucidate your callers and text message senders. Unlike WhatsApp, the security model of Silent Text is properly documented. Hence, this is confirmed to get a far better security on this app.



This is a great initiative by Open Whisper Systems. Signal app such a service that converts all stored information into a cipher, especially to block unauthorized access. Signal is an open source iOS application that serves very secure communication service. The security concerned service uses ZRTP protocol for securing voice filtering. As per the documentation of EFF, anybody has the permission to substantiate contact’s identities, review the code etc. All these security perspectives make Signal a more secure communication app than WhatsApp.


cryptocat chat

This is the perfect rival of all these two aforementioned apps and services. CryptoCat is a text messaging application that comes with all the features that Signal has. CryptoCat lets you send text, media files etc. to your friends in a very secure way. Alike Signal, Cryptocat is an open source communication app that is actually available for various platforms and browsers including, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Opera, MAC OS X and iPhone. This free chatting app can verify your recipients before receiving or send anything. Signal always takes care of users’ privacy by helping you to audit code independently.

Bottom Line

If you communicate with anybody, you are being tracked by attackers and even by government agencies, such as NSA. A single security flaw may make your internet life unbearable. Nevertheless, these above mentioned communication apps or WhatsApp rivals can make your e-Life more secure and prevent unauthorized people to dissociate your communication with friends.

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