7 Ways To Make Your Old Android Phone Useful Again

New phones are unveiled almost every month making the phone you so desired to own during last quarter seem outdated. For a gadget savvy person, it’s a tough call when it comes to deciding what to do with an older phone when he/she’s got a new one. Here is a list of ideas to use old Android phone again in a productive manner.


A Versatile Remote Control

remote-androidFrom controlling uTorrent downloads or controlling VLC to monitoring your home appliances, your smartphones are more capable at solving these tasks nowadays. If you have an old smartphone, you can use that for a multi-utility remote for many such tasks with the right apps (and sometimes with an added hardware). Some great alternatives are Android Remote or Unified Remote.

Car Infotainment System

oldphone-uses-car-infotainmentIf your car lacks an infotainment system, your old phone with proper hardware addition can serve as one. You can buy a phone grip for car dashboard and the Google Maps on your old phone can serve as a great navigator. Alternatively, follow this link for a step by step tutorial on how you can use your old phone as a car entertainment system.

Makeshift Wireless Headset

oldphone-uses-wireless-headsetIf you have been wanting  a wireless headset and you do not enough money to buy it, your old Android can serve as a wireless headset with proper apps. Follow this link and you will find how you can do that.

Dedicated Server

Looking for a portable web server to stream your media? Or a proxy server to secure a public WiFi? Watch the video from XDA Developers on how you can make use of your old Android as a portable server.

A Portable WiFi HotSpot


This is something I use daily during my daily commute. Since I live in a place with little to no free/paid WiFi hotspots, I use my old Android(that comes with tethering facility) to stay connected to the web with any of my devices. It can also serve as a dedicated WiFi hotspot for your car. Note of caution, please ensure it is encrypted and password protected before you use it in a public place.

Standby Webcam

oldphone-uses-webcamYou own a phone with a camera that is more than 2MP? Well it can serve as a great wireless webcam. Apps like DroidCam can turn your old phone into a webcam that you can use with your PC.

Donate it

oldphone-uses-donateWhat’s trash for you might be an invaluable gift for someone else. Before you throw away that old device of yours think wisely. Contact agencies in your country that helps you donate mobiles to people in need.

Apart from all these you can use your mobile for other purposes like using it as an alarm clock, digital diary, spare phone, navigator, personal media player or even a baby cam. Maybe that’s not so economically efficient but it’s a way to use your old phone nonetheless.

No matter what you do, make sure you do not just throw away your old phone. Because that way you will contribute in the disruption of the natural ecosystem. So please check with your manufacturer/carrier for take back schemes or look for other agencies/organizations in your country who will help you recycle your phone in a proper manner. Or you could always sell them at eBay or Gazelle and make good use of some extra cash.

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