What is New in Windows 10 January Build?

Windows 10 was probably the most awaited version of Microsoft Windows. Microsoft launched the Technical Preview version of Windows 10 back in September 2014. Windows 10 is structured with tons of new features as well as enhancements such as Start Menu, Task View, Virtual Desktop and many others. However, after the initial Technical Preview launch, Microsoft had launched another new build with some minor updates.

What is New in Windows 10 January Build

Above all of them, Microsoft has now come up with a new set of updates that make Windows 10 even more attractive and productive. Windows 10 is indeed a great operating system for any kind of people. However, the new build or 9926 is one of the biggest updates of Windows 10.

Therefore, today I am going to introduce some most interesting and useful features of Windows 10 January Build that is now available for all existing and new Windows users. Before letting you know, you can download the preview build (9926) right from the Windows Insider Program. On the other hand, you can update your existing Windows 10 installation to get the updates.

What is new in Windows 10 January Build?

It has few couple of updates – both internally as well as externally. However, here is a sneak-peak.



Windows 10 has Virtual Desktop button, Task View button and may more things on the Taskbar. However, now you can find a brand new button that refers Cortana. YES, the most innovative personal digital assistant of Windows Phone, is now available on desktop as well. Cortana is much similar to Siri and Google Now. But, Cortana has more features than them. Being a part of your machine, it will start knowing you. You can do almost anything using this digital assistant.

You just need to say “Hey Cortana” to activate it. After that, you can ask question, send email, open application, install any software or do anything whatever you wish. Even though, Windows has different language support but, as of now, Cortana is available for U.S. English only.

New Start Menu

No, the Start Menu is not new but there is something new in the existed Start Menu. As, the new Windows 10 is a cross platform operating system, Microsoft should have the support for PCs as well as tablets. That is the reason why Windows 10 comes with two different Start Menu. One for PC and another for Tablets. This is possible to switch from one Start Menu to another Start Menu automatically. You do not have to do anything.

The Start Menu for PC looks as same as the previous Windows 10 build. However, the new Start Menu for tablets will be illuminating on the Metro Screen. That means, you will get all the features of Start Menu and the Metro screen at one place.


Back in September 2014, Microsoft showed us Continuum. Continuum is nothing but an integrated Windows feature that helps machine to detect different display orientation and gadgets faster than ever before. As Windows 10 is going to be a cross platform operating system, a feature like Continuum is required to switch from one device mode to another mode.

A New Settings App


A device without “Settings” app is next to impossible. Every device should have a “Settings” app to let users personalize his/her device as per the requirements. Nevertheless, Windows 10 comes with a brand new “Settings” app that helps users to get a better user interface. This “Settings” app has all features at one place so that users would not have to go anywhere to customize anything.

Xbox App

Although, Windows 8.1 has the Xbox app but that was not as good as it is for Windows 10. The brand new Windows 10’s Xbox application will let you synchronize multiple devices seamlessly. This is possible to pause a game on Xbox console and resume that on desktop. This is as useful as said.

Spartan Browser

Although this is not confirmed yet but it seems Microsoft has included two web browsers in this new Windows 10 build. The traditional Internet Explorer is already there. On the other hand, you can find a brand new web browser, called Spartan web browser on Windows 10 January Build. It has so many great features that Microsoft has even included in any browser. For instance, you will get Reader Mode, Cortana Integration and many more things.

Minor Changes

Apart from all those aforementioned updates and upgrades, you will get new Photos and Maps apps, new Windows Store, easier way to connect to wireless audio and video etc.

Check Out the Video to Learn more

Hope you would like to use this new generation operating system on your machine. Do let us know your view.

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