Windows 8

Install Windows 8 Consumer Preview Along Side An Existing Windows Installation

Do you want to install Windows 8 consumer preview, without disturbing your existing Windows 7 installation? here is a step by step guide which will let you run Windows 7 side by side an existing Windows 7 installation (dual boot setup for Windows 7 and Windows 8).

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Minimum System Requirements Required To Run Windows 8 Consumer Preview

It has been more than a week since Microsoft released a consumer preview of the latest version of its Windows operating system, codenamed Windows 8. As of the time of writing this article, more than 1 Million people have downloaded the public beta of Windows 8, which kinds of proves how popular Windows continues to

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Windows Live Skydrive To Get Full On Integration In Windows 8

Microsoft has high hopes with its upcoming version of Windows operating system, namely Windows 8. The other day Microsoft announced a full download of Windows 8 developer preview and now we have more goodies coming into Windows 8 one by one. One of the fascinating ones is the full integration of Windows Live Skydrive in

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