Why Productivity Apps do not Increase Productivity

At first, you should know that this article is not going to unravel any computer problem. Obviously, it will way out an issue like other articles of this blog but the problem and solution both are much different from regular posts. The problem is very much pragmatic and the solution is more practical and it comes from my own competency.

You know that this is the technology era and people do not think a day without internet. Am I right? Doubtlessly, YES.

When you start doing multifarious tasks at a time, the first terms that comes to your mind is Productivity. Productivity is a technical term that interprets more task in less time. This ‘less time’ sometime means 1 hours or it can be 1 year or so. Actually, it depends on your task. As this is the technology era, you can find hundred and one apps to upsurge productivity.

Why Productivity Apps do not Increase Productivity

You can get such an app (Or, apps) for any platform including Windows, Android, iOS, Mac or anything. When something becomes quite difficult to do for somebody, he/she simply makes search for best productivity app. This happens with 99% so-called productivity seekers.

Nevertheless, most of the people stop using their highly useful productivity apps after just one week or so.

What is the actual problem? Why do people stop using those apps?

I am sure that you are thinking/ have thought those aforementioned questions. Isn’t it? Have you ever tried to find out the problem and solution? I did and discovered a stimulating fact. This fact is the actual problem between productivity apps and productivity seekers.

When someone needs a time management app, they simply starts using note taking apps or to-do list management apps. They start using such an app because they think that those apps can help them to increase their output efficiency. Or, in simple words, according to them, if he/she writes down all tasks in a to-do list management app, he/she can easily finish indispensable tasks within deadline. This thought is the actual problem.

Nobody can aid you to increase your productivity when a positive mindset is not working in you. You supposed to have an intention to complete all those tasks what you have written in your preferred to-do list management app or note taking app.

Why Productivity Apps do not Increase Productivity

Just think about the following situation. Let’s assume that you are a football team manager and you have given some instructions to your players. Your instructions need to be executed or implemented by your players while playing in the match. Otherwise, your instructions are nothing but boring lecture. That means, your players should have a mindset to use your instructions.

The same thing happens with productivity apps. You are writing your tasks in your to-do list. That means, you are giving instructions to your players. Most of the people stop doing anything after this step. That is the main problem and why productivity apps do not increase your productivity. But, if you start following your task list one by one, you can simply finish your tasks in time.

Here are some great practical tips to increase your productivity

According to Brian Tracy, the author of Eat That Frog, you should eat the ugliest frog first. If you have read that book, you know what does that mean. But, if you haven’t read that earlier, let me explain. You should do the most time consuming task at first. After that, do the second most time consuming task.

If you are a productivity hunter, you might have heard the 80/20 rule. According to this rule, the 80 percent profit comes from 20 percent of your (most crucial) tasks. Therefore, you must have to ponder on most important tasks everytime.

Create a list of your most essential tasks of the day. Then, pick out top 3 tasks what you should do right now to get most profit. If you have enlisted 10 tasks, what you should do right now, sort out top 2/3 among them. That means, you are picking out only ~20-30 tasks. When you will finish those top three tasks, you will realize that you have got 80 percent profit. This is a practical trick.

To write down your important tasks, you can make use of productivity apps aka note taking apps, i.e. Google Keep, Any.Do etc.

Bottom line

You have to keep in mind that productivity is nothing but a burning desire to get things done faster. Without having a burning desire, all productivity apps are useless for you. Productivity apps can let you remember that you have a task but only you can finish your task as per the written details. Your apps cannot complete your task.

What do you think about this? Do productivity apps work like charm for you?

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